I was sobbing while I watched the last episode: Pachinko star Kim Min-ha

A still of Kim Min-ha and Isak from the first season of the Apple Plus tv-series Pachinko (Image via Apple TV Plus)
A still of Kim Min-ha and Isak from the first season of the Apple Plus tv-series Pachinko (Image via Apple TV Plus)
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Kim Min-ha did a pictorial and interview for a popular magazine recently where she opened up about the experience of working on Apple TV plus show Pachinko. The star got a spectacular international start with a unique role, one which pits her opposite Korean superstar Lee Min-ho who plays the role of Hansu. Their relationship starts as lovers and progresses into interesting territories throughout the first season.

Kim Min-ha plays the role of teenager Kim Sunja in the show, which has also been renewed for a second season by the streaming platform.

Kim Min-ha loved being praised for her Busan dialect in Pachinko

In the interview, Kim Min-ha revealed what it was like to watch the last episode of the first season and said,

“Out of all the months in my life, it was the month that went by the fastest. I fell deeply into enjoying the drama from the very first episode, and I was sobbing while I watched the last episode.”

She also spoke about some of the praises that had come her way and expressed that she was most pleased when praised for her Busan satoori (dialect).

One of the other things that the Pachinko star spoke about during the interview was what it felt like to play the role of a mother in the show. This is the first time that the actor is portraying such a character. The 26-year-old, speaking of her experience, said,

“Right up until filming began, I was really worried, but when I actually saw Noa [Park Jae Jun], I naturally felt a protective instinct towards him. Jae Jun also called me ‘fake mom’ and was great at following my lead.”

Kim Min-ha also spoke about herself in the interview. In this, she explained,

“I’m the type of person who has a lot of curiosity. I think that when I find something fun or appealing, I easily think to myself, ‘Should I try it once?'” Starting from three years ago, I’ve been meditating consistently and trying to find my own unique rhythm, and that’s given me a certain freedom and sense of ease.”

The Pachinko star further added that this, in turn, has made it possible for her to take care of the people around her.

What is Kim Min-ha’s Pachinko all about?

The Apple Plus series is based on a New York Times-best-selling book of the same name authored by Min Jin Lee. The show centers on Koreans who were displaced or immigrated to Japan during the war in the late 1800s. The show’s portrayal depicts two different timelines. One is in the present and one that begins in the early 1900s.

The show captures Sunja’s journey as a child, growing up to be a young, witty, and intelligent woman who is betrayed by her lover. It also depicts her experiencing motherhood for the first time.

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