"Imperfect High" cast: Meet Sherri Shepherd, Nia Sioux and others from the Lifetime thriller

Sherri Shepherd and Nia Sioux star in "Imperfect High" (Image via Lifetime)
Sherri Shepherd and Nia Sioux star in "Imperfect High" (Image via Lifetime)

Imperfect High is Lifetime’s newest flick that deals with the harsh realities of substance abuse among teenagers. The upcoming movie is a sequel to the 2015 hit drama, Perfect High.

Set in Lakewood High School, Imperfect High will revolve around a new girl in town and her struggle with anxiety and drugs.

The official synopsis reads:

“Hanna Brooks is the new girl in town who is looking to find her place and fit in at Lakewood High School, which was rocked a couple of years earlier by the shocking drug overdose of a popular student. Hanna suffers from an anxiety disorder and the move to a new school is especially stressful for her. While trying to fit in with the “it” crowd, she finds herself pulled between two boys–a bad boy with a heart of gold, and an alluring, popular rich kid who is not as straight of an arrow as he seems. Her relationship with them sweeps her into a dangerous situation that her mother Deborah (Sherri Shepherd) must fight to save her from.”

Nia Sioux plays Hanna Brooks in Imperfect High

The film will see Nia Sioux playing the role of the new teenager, Hanna Brooks, in town who comes with a lot of baggage. In Imperfect High, she has to choose the right guy while dealing with anxiety. Will she succeed in making the correct choice? Only time will tell.

Nia does not hold much experience in the film world, but she is a talented artist. She is an outstanding dancer, singer, and model who has done a few Broadway shows as well. Before Imperfect High, Nia appeared in projects like The Bold and the Beautiful and The Code.

Sherri Shepherd as Deborah

In Imperfect High, comedian and actress Sherri Shepherd portrays the mother’s role, who will be seen fighting for her daughter’s life from a drug overdose. As per the movie’s trailer, Sherri’s character looks promising.

This is not the first time the comedian has worked with the network, as she has done Lifetime’s first comedy series, Sherri. She is also famous for her performance as Ramona on ABC’s Less Than Perfect (2002).

Imperfect High stars Gabriel Darku as Dylan

Gabriel Darku will be seen playing Dylan in Imperfect High. He is a popular OTT and TV series actor who has appeared in several projects such as Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, American Gods, Impulse, Slasher, Private Eyes and October Faction.

Imperfect High has also roped in Ali Skovby (played by Rose), Samuel Braun (Blake), Anthony Timpano (Rob), Deborah Finkel (Nurse O’Connor), Princess Davis (Marcy), Aiden Howard (Cy) and Jamall Johnson (Principal Andrews).

Directed by Siobhan Devine, Imperfect High will premiere on Lifetime on September 18, Saturday at 8 pm (ET) and 7 pm (CT).

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