Fact Check: Is Johnny Depp touring with Kyle Rittenhouse?

Is Johnny Depp touring with Kyle Rittenhouse? (Image via @joshua.citarella/Instagram)
Is Johnny Depp touring with Kyle Rittenhouse? (Image via @joshua.citarella/Instagram)

The latest updates on Johnny Depp pointed to news from an unconfirmed source that claims that he is planning on embarking on a tour with acquitted Illinois teenager Kyle Rittenhouse.

Several developments have occurred since the jury reached a verdict in Johnny Depp's favor in the recently concluded lawsuit against Amber Heard. From representing a pivotal moment in pop culture to joining TikTok, Depp has been making headlines.

News from an obscure source has now alleged that Depp intends to go on an awareness tour with Kyle Rittenhouse.

Is Johnny Depp going on tour with Kyle Rittenhouse?

Just weeks after the Fairfax jury in charge of the Heard and Depp defamation trial concluded the lawsuit, a screenshot allegedly from CNN popped up on an Instagram page. Although most parts of the screenshot were not visible, the title, in bold, read:

"Johnny Depp rumored to be organizing national tour with Kyle Rittenhouse to spread awareness on the dangers of defamation."

As per the alleged screenshot, CNN journalist Sonia Moghe reported the story, which was published on the CNN website on June 01, 2022.

The post garnered over 100 likes in less than seven days and was also reposted on Twitter. Netizens weighed in on the development as they all tried figuring out the credibility of the source. However, some went ahead to decry the situation.

When do Johnny Depp & Kyle Rittenhouse begin the "I am the real victim" tour?

According to USA Today, the owner of the original account (where the screenshot was initially shared) stated that most of the items on their page came from other sources. No other publications shared or attested to the content from the news article purported to have been published by CNN.

The news site also debunked the content of the screenshot, stating that the publication did not write or publish the story.

Fact Check-Fabricated CNN screenshot on Depp and Rittenhouse going on a ‘national tour’

There was also no evidence pointing to signs that Depp planned a joint tour with Rittenhouse. CNN publicist Lauren Bobek also confirmed that the screenshot was not a real CNN news piece.

CNN did not publish a story entitled "Johnny Depp rumored to be organizing national tour with Kyle Rittenhouse to spread awareness on the dangers of defamation." The screenshot is fabricated.…

What is the connection between Kyle Rittenhouse and Johnny Depp?

Rittenhouse, a 19-year-old from Antioch, Illinois, shot and killed two people and injured another at a police brutality protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin. In his court testimony, Rittenhouse claimed that he had fired the shots in self-defense. The jury later acquitted him of homicide.

It is evident that Kyle Rittenhouse and Depp have diverse situations. However, Rittenhouse's attorney, Todd McMurtry, revealed that the 19-year-old might be looking to file a defamation lawsuit against Facebook and other companies for their rhetoric against him.

Experts revealed that Depp's victory with the lawsuit might prompt many others to come forward with theirs. Now it seems it is beginning to manifest through Rittenhouse. After the verdict was announced in Depp's favor, Rittenhouse took to Twitter:

"Johnny Depp trial is just fueling me."

He later revealed that he appointed McMurtry as his lawyer. McMurty is known for handling defamation between Nick Sandmann and other publications including CNN, NBC and the Washington Post. He's successfully helped Sandmann reach defamation settlements with all of these.


Meanwhile, parts of the lawsuit that are still active include Rolling Stone, The New York Times, CBS and ABC.

In Rittenhouse's case, McMurty cited an example of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, stating:

"Let's just use for an example what Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg said about [Rittenhouse]. They said that he was involved in a mass murder incident. This was not a mass murder incident. It was clearly factually false."

Following his acquittal, Rittenhouse launched a fundraising campaign called the "Media Accountability Project" that would help him pursue a defamation lawsuit. So far, Rittenhouse's potential targets are said to be athletes, politicians, and celebrities.

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