Mark Zuckerberg's hydrofoil surfing video sparks hilarious debate on Twitter

Mark Zuckerberg's July the 4th celebration sets off extra fireworks (Image via Zuck/Instagram)
Mark Zuckerberg's July the 4th celebration sets off extra fireworks (Image via Zuck/Instagram)

Mark Zuckerberg's name has been on the tips of tongues ever since Facebook became a social media juggernaut. Despite the many controversies and memes surrounding his legacy, Mark decided to showcase his patriotic side and put on a show for the 4th of July celebrations.

The billionaire took to Instagram a few hours ago to post the most iconic thing netizens have seen since the cranberry juice video featuring Fleetwood Mac's song last year.

Although it wasn't as majestic as it could have been, nonetheless Mark Zuckerberg did the best that he could. He put on quite a show by surfing across a lake on a hydrofoil surfboard while John Denver's "Country Roads" played in the backdrop

Mark Zuckerberg didn't just post a small video clip of him surfboarding. Rather, it was a full-fledged IGTV video spanning a whole one minute and eleven seconds. Given his old sunscreen and surfboarding memes, this may not have been the brightest of ideas for the CEO to execute.

Nonetheless, what's done is done. While he was having the time of his life, he may have thought that posting the video would be a good idea. In a strange turn of events, the video has backfired in several ways since going viral on Twitter and other social media platforms.

From callout posts regarding taxes to blaming him for people hating Americans, the internet has gone into a frenzy over Mark Zuckerberg's surfing video. The CEO himself has begun trending on Twitter.

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Mark Zuckerberg's July the 4th celebrations set off more fireworks than intended

While Mark Zuckerberg's 4th of July celebratory video may have been the highlight of his day, the internet has been divided in opinion.

Some netizens absolutely loved the video, calling him "the world's best CEO". Others have taken a more radical stance, stating:

Would prefer Zuck celebrated 4th of July by paying taxes.

Here are a few reactions from netizens.

It may be unclear as to why so many netizens have taken any offense to this simple tribute. Some tweets suggest it would have to do with his pose resembling the historical painting in which George Washington was crossing the Delaware River.

Irrespective of everything, the video didn't really misappropriate culture or disrespect the country's historical past. Nonetheless, the incident is not really being taken seriously by most people, and the entire debacle should smoothen out in a day or two.

However, netizens have now acquired more meme materials for the coming months. It's a guarantee that the video of Mark Zuckerberg surfing will be making rounds on social media for some time to come.

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