The internet wants Gabbie Hanna canceled

Gabbie Hanna may soon be canceled (Image via Sportskeeda)
Gabbie Hanna may soon be canceled (Image via Sportskeeda)

Internet personality Gabbie Hanna has been the center of attention for a while, and none of it is good. She came under fire for starting controversies, lying, and, more recently, downplaying a serious statement.

Trisha Paytas, Jessi Smiles, Jared Oban, Megs Cahill, and many more have opened up about Hanna and her toxic behavior. Quite a few people agreed with the group's assessment.

While some fans may consider her to be "extra dramatic," the consensus is far from the same. The situation has gotten to a point where a petition has been started in hopes of canceling her from the internet. While this might be a symbolic move, the goal is to get Hanna's attention.

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Gabbie Hanna's past is catching up to her

By the looks of it, Gabbie Hanna's past and present actions are compounding her troubles. From old acquaintances breaking their silence about her to recent interactions with co-workers onset, the backlash is building up, and it's only a matter of time before the powder keg explodes.

Amongst the callouts on social media, a fed-up netizen started a petition titled "Delete Gabbie Hanna's Youtube Channel." This has started receiving support from all corners of the internet. The description reads:

"At this point, many of us know the situation between Gabbie Hanna and a lot of Youtubers; as well as perhaps many other people who won’t speak up due to fear. It’s safe to say that Gabbie Hanna’s Youtube Channel should be deleted so that she may not continue emotionally/mentally hurting others through publicity and fame. Help sign this petition so that we may have honest and genuine Youtubers on Youtube instead of ones that harm our Youtube community."

While the petition is not a guarantee of YouTube taking action, given how content creators and netizens add weight to the outcome of a situation, some action might be taken.

Much like the recent fiasco surrounding Indiefoxx's removal as a Twitch partner, the same could happen with Gabbie Hanna. Here's what a few people think of the ongoing "drama."

It's unclear whether the petition or callouts on social media will be enough to get her YouTube channel suspended or demonetized. However, given that she has turned off comments in her videos, alongside removing the likes and dislikes previews, it's safe to say that things are not going well.

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