Is Maya Jama dating Leonardo DiCaprio? Love Island UK host breaks her silence on dating rumors

Love Island host Maya Jama puts an end to dating rumors
Love Island host Maya Jama puts an end to dating rumors (Image via Instagram/@mayajama)

Love Island UK host Maya Jama recently attended the BAFTA Awards in London. During the awards weekend, she was seen partying with actor Leonardo DiCaprio which sparked rumors of the two of them being romantically involved with each other.

A source told The Sun that the two celebrities are in regular contact and have been on a string of dates. However, the TV host recently took to Twitter to put an end to the rumors and stated that she is not dating the Shutter Island actor and called the rumors “silly stories.”

The Daily Mail further reported that the television host was sporting a Leo necklace. After the rumors started going around, the actress further stated that Leo is her star sign.

Love Island host Maya Jama shuts down rumors romantically linking her to Leonardo DiCaprio

The Love Island UK host Maya Jama recently took to Twitter to break her sice and to put the rumors to rest about her dating life. She was rumored to be dating Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio after spending the weekend partying with him during the BAFTA Awards 2023 in West London.

Multiple publications reported the incident and the alleged relationship. The Sun reported that the two were secretly dating and even cited a source stating that they’re in regular contact and have been on a string of dates.

It stated:

"They have both recently come out of long-term relationships so neither of them are rushing into anything – they are having fun and seeing how it goes. They live in different countries, and Maya has had a long-distance relationship before and knows it’s tough so they are taking things a day at a time."

It continued:

"Leo has certainly been wooing her though; he loves spending time with her."

The Love Island host took to Twitter to address the situation and stated that the two were in fact not together. On April 11, 2023, Maya wrote hadt she has been minding her business and was on holiday and told herself that she wouldn’t respond or pay attention to the silly stories.

The Love Island UK host continued:

"You need to stop now, that is literally my star sign. We are not dating. Move on please."

She further added that the Daily Mail's report that she was wearing a “Leo” necklace was the last straw for her and that they have been “dragging the story” for the past week.

More about Maya Jama

The 28-year-old television and radio presenter in the UK recently made her debut as the host of Love Island on January 16, 2023. She was born in August 1994 and is named after Maya Angelou, according to The Sun.

Maya moved from Bristol to London at an age of 16, since she wanted to pursue a career in journalism and set up her own Youtube challenge and worked as a presenter at JumpOff TV followed by her time working as the host of MTV's The Wrap Up. She then moved on to host MTV Essentials and MTV News and became the host of BBC Three’s Glow Up in 2019.

Episodes of Love Island 2023 are available to stream on ITV2.

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