Its kind of stupid and sad': Twitch Streamer Maya Higa on Pokimane $5 donation cap and 'simps'

Image Credits: Daily Dose of Maya, YouTube
Image Credits: Daily Dose of Maya, YouTube

Maya Higa has branded Pokimane's move to impose a Twitch donation cap 'sad'.

Twitch streamer Maya Higa recently reacted to Pokimane’s decision of putting in a $5 donation cap, and said that it made sense, although the situation itself was ‘sad’.

Pokimane has developed into one of the most controversial streamers in the world over the past year. Feuds with fellow content creators, like Leafy, Keemstar and ItsAGundam, made her one of the most hated internet personalities around. Of late however, things appeared to have improved.

Pokimane has shown a clear tendency to deal with problematic situations better, and has spoken out against fans and creators who use her content with disrespectful thumbnails. Moreover, she recently spoke out against the culture of people giving out large donations and free gifts to celebrities, and invoked a $5 donation limit on her channel.

Was she right in calling Pokimane's move 'sad'?

The decision has been talked about by multiple content creators over the last few days. Twitch streamer loltyler1 recently appreciated the donation limit, and said that he wants to have a similar system in place soon as well. Maya Higa, on the other hand, gave a rather mixed response.

Image Credits: Daily Dose of Maya, YouTube
Image Credits: Daily Dose of Maya, YouTube

According to her, while the decision made sense overall, the situation at hand was rather sad.

“I think that makes sense, but it is also kind of stupid. Well, not stupid, it’s kind of sad that you would think you will have to protect people that are that stupid from like spending their money. Like, you would hope that Oh My God.”


As you can see, Maya is supportive of the decision, but thinks that it is sad that a streamer such as Pokimane has to think about how other people are spending their money. She thinks that quite a few of these users are ‘stupid’, and therefore need such ‘protection’ from spending their own money.

Of course, her rant about Pokimane’s $5 donation limit was cut short by a large donation that she herself received.

Hence, while Pokimane might have taken steps to ensure her viewers do not end up spending their money unnecessarily, other streamers, like Maya Higa, might not be as concerned.

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