Kim Seon Ho gains traction again as his YouTube ads are back

A still of Kim Seon Ho (Image via tvndrama/Instagram)
A still of Kim Seon Ho (Image via tvndrama/Instagram)

Actor Kim Seon Ho lost most of his endorsement deals after the recent controversy where he was accused of manipulating his ex-girlfriend into getting an abortion. However, through a report filed by Dispatch, it became clear that Kim Seon Ho's girlfriend had lied in her statement.

The statement had caused huge loss to not just Kim Seon Ho but also the artists whom he worked with on shows such as Hometown Cha Cha Cha. Stars including Shin Min Ah had to cancel their media interactions after the show came to an end. He was also dropped from films and variety show 1 Night, 2 Days because of the controversy.

While there is no news about the movies that he lost because of the debacle, things did look up for the star who was rushed to the hospital recently.

Kim Seon Ho's ads return on a face mask brand's website and YouTube channel

A face mask brand that Kim Seon Ho had represented as an ambassador reinstalled his video ads on their website. YouTube ads that featured him were initially kept private. However, the brand reverted to public viewing the same day they added the actor's videos back to their website.

This was the first brand to retract their decision. However, a few others may end their contract with the actor. Recently, one of the representatives of a company that removed any trace of Kim Seon Ho from their online campaigns shared their disappointment with the star's unprofessional behavior.

The representative said,

"When the scandal broke, we tried to get in touch with him or his agency the whole day. We needed answers but it had been impossible to get a hold of him. We don’t understand why he decided to ghost us, either. He should have explained the situation and let us handle it with him. Had he only been up front, we wouldn’t have had to cut ties with him."

They have also added that fame comes with certain responsibilities and that it is the brand representative's responsibility to look out for certain characteristics in an ambassador:

"Fame comes with additional responsibilities. Having more endorsements means having more terms and conditions to live by… And after seeing how little he cared for his responsibilities as a model binded by contract with us, we realized it would be impossible to continue working with him."

The representative also added that the actor's reputation was not as important as his reliability:

"Kim Seon Ho’s reputation isn’t as important as his reliability. We need to be able to trust him as our model. But because he handled the crisis with zero professionalism and maturity, we have no choice but to reconsider our contract. We foresee that it will be difficult for him to rebuild trust with other brands as well."

Suffice to say, fans await Kim Seon Ho's fate with bated breath.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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