Law School Episode 5: When and where to watch, what to expect, and all about new installment

A still from Law School (Image via JTBC/Netflix)
A still from Law School (Image via JTBC/Netflix)

Law School may seem slightly familiar to fans of How to Get Away with Murder. After all, both dramas feature law students juggling both academics and an on-site murder, with a star professor being involved suspiciously. However, the Korean drama puts in a completely fresh spin on the premise of How to Get Away with Murder with complicated twists and turns.

At the center of Law School is Yang Jong-hoon (Kim Myung-min), a criminal law professor and a former prosecutor, and Han Joon-hwi (Kim Bum), a first-year ace law student. When faculty member Seo Byung-joo (Ahn Nae-sang) is murdered on campus, both get entangled in the investigation.

The show, which airs two episodes weekly, is returning with Episode 5. Fans can read on to learn more about the new installment of Law School and what to expect.

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When and where to watch Law School Episode 5?

While Law School airs on JTBC in South Korea every Wednesday and Thursday, episodes are concurrently released on Netflix internationally.

Law School Episode 5 will be available on Netflix on Wednesday, April 28th, at 11 AM ET, with Episode 6 being available the following day, on Thursday, April 29th.

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What happened previously?

After Seo Byung-joo was found dead, Jong-hoon was initially suspected of murdering him with a meth overdose. The latter left his career as a prosecutor after Byung-joo was cleared of a bribery case and had evidence on his phone of a hit-and-run that Byung-joo allegedly committed.

However, Joon-hwi’s involvement is also suspected after it was revealed that he is Seo Byung-joo’s nephew, and that before his death, Byung-joo was pushed down the stairs by Joon-hwi.

The audience also learns that while Joon-hwi did push his uncle, the latter was still conscious. Joon-hwi had called emergency services as well, while Byung-joo locked himself in a room.

Meanwhile, Byung-joo’s wife (Sung Yeo-jin) demands a second autopsy which determines that Byung-joo died of a brain hematoma. She tries to pressure Joon-hwi to give up his inheritance from Byung-joo and says that Joon-hwi murdered his uncle to get his inheritance early.

While Joon-hwi and Jong-hoon may suspect each other, the former helped Jong-hoon when he needed a blood transfusion after getting stabbed in prison, by manipulating an ex-convict, Lee Man-ho, to help out.

By the end of Episode 4, Jong-hoon had been dismissed from his position at the law school due to the notoriety of the case, and Jong-hwi had submitted his withdrawal from the school on being a suspect. However, both were cleared of being suspects after Jong-hwi told Jong-hoon his side of the story.

But suspicions arise that Byung-joo’s wife had a second autopsy manipulated to support her theory.

By the fourth episode of Law School, however, yet another potential suspect rises. When law student Kang Sol A (Rye Hye-young) beats Kang Sol B (Lee Soo-kyung) to get the top marks in Jong-hoon’s exam, Kang Sol B’s mother berates her for losing to Kang Sol B.

As the episode closes out, Jong-hoon receives an email that proves Kang Sol B’s dissertation was plagiarized and that the Vice Dean of the law school was involved.

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What to expect from Law School Episode 5?

While no official synopsis is available, there are a few things fans expect to unfold in Episode 5 of Law School. Lee Man-ho does not have much reason to side with Jong-hoon, so viewers need to find out why the ex-convict helped the former prosecutor.

Meanwhile, Byung-joo’s wife’s involvement in the autopsy manipulation might also come to light, and why she is hellbent on getting Joon-hwi to take the fall for her husband’s murder. Given the twisted family dynamics, there must be more to the story than just the family inheritance.

Fans also expect Kang Sol B to take more of the center stage, with her trying to beat Kang Sol A in school, and her plagiarized dissertation. They also need to know how the law school’s Vice Dean was involved and whether this has to do anything with Byung-joo’s murder.

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