Lisa leaving BLACKPINK? Fans take to Twitter to express disappointment at YG Entertainment

Lisa's fans are not happy about her treatment by YG Entertainment (Image via Getty Images)
Lisa's fans are not happy about her treatment by YG Entertainment (Image via Getty Images)

Rumors of BLACKPINK member Lisa's withdrawal from the group and the mistreatment she faces from her label are storming the internet. Meanwhile, YG Entertainment confirmed that her bandmates Rose and Jennie are currently in the United States working on new music.

This has invited backlash from fans who were disappointed at the lack of news concerning Lisa's solo activities.

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BLACKPINK, YG Entertainment's all-female K-pop quartet, debuted in 2016 with their single album "Square One." YG is known to take a more unique approach with its artists, with almost all of them finding international success and fame.

BLACKPINK broke the internet upon debut, smashing records everywhere. However, fans have been unhappy with how the label treats its members, with Lisa being the latest "victim" of their mistreatment.

A bittersweet moment for BLINKS; Lisa fans are not happy

After the news of Jennie and Rose working on new music was announced, BLINKs (fans of BLACKPINK) showed excitement and anticipation for its eventual release. However, fans of Lisa were not amused.

They did not hesitate to call out YG Entertainment for their alleged neglect of the 24-year-old. Lisa's supporters claimed that the organizations had stopped her from carrying out solo activities and had not given her the same chance to shine as they have to other BLACKPINK members.

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Many fans have speculated that Lisa may leave BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment due to the lack of opportunities she has received, with a storm of tweets unleashed in support of this potential action.

Tweets supporting Lisa continue to pour in. Most seem to be targeting YG Entertainment in particular compared to the other BLACKPINK members.

In June 2021, YG issued a notice stating that Rose, Jisoo, and Lisa would be making their solo debuts following the same for Jennie in 2018. Rose is the only one out of the three to have received a solo debut since the announcement.

This currently seems to be the cause of much unrest among fans of Lisa. It remains to be seen how the Thai rapper or YG will react.

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