Little People, Big World: Why fans are calling Zach Roloff “coward”?

Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff (Image via Instagram/@toriroloff)
Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff (Image via Instagram/@toriroloff)

TLC's Little People, Big World returned on Tuesday night. While it was only the season premiere, things soon got heated, and viewers were in for a surprise. Zach and his wife Tori revealed that they bought a house in Washington and would be moving.

But that was not what shocked fans. Zach and Tori made Jackson, their son, reveal the news about their move and tell Matt and Caryn. Fans who watched the episode criticized Zach, claiming that it was an act of cowardice.

That was very cowardly and childish to have that baby tell them that they were moving.......#LPBW

Matt and Caryn were upset over the fact that Zach used his kids. He revealed that Zach brought his kids Jackson and Lilah to the meeting. Zach asked his dad how much it was worth to see his grandkids grow up on the farm. This left a bad taste in the Little People, Big World star's mouth. Fans took to social media and slammed Zach, claiming it was an act of cowardice.

Fans are shocked that Zach used his son to break the news to Matt on Little People, Big World

Taking to social media, shocked fans criticized the Little People, Big World star, claiming he was a coward for using Jackson to break the news to his dad.

Zack making Jackson tell grandpa about the move is cowardice. #LPBW
@ginar2008 Immature of him to do that, and yes I agree
That was very cowardly and childish to have that baby tell them that they were moving.......#LPBW
Jackson telling the family about Zach and Tori moving is cute but cowardly at the same time! #LPBW
OK, I have been team Zach all along but Having the kid tell their grandpa they are moving out of state was a little cold bro!! #LPBW
Zach don’t use your kids to do your dirty work. Shame on you. #LPBW

What happened on the premiere episode of Little People, Big World Season 23?

The episode started with Zach negotiating purchasing the north side of his farm from his dad. Matt negotiated the price with a business hat on, while Zach expected him to have consideration since he's his son after all.

Caryn claimed that neither Zach nor Tori were clear about what they wanted. Matt shared that his problem with giving the farm just like that to Zach or any of his other kids is that he isn't sure if they are passionate enough to do the work needed. He went on to add that Zach and Tori wanted to live on the property with their kids, but they never wanted to work on maintaining the property.

According to Matt, this was a business meeting, and it wasn't fair for Zach to bring the kids into it. He also added that he couldn't just give the farm away like it was a slice of pie.

Meanwhile, during the confessional, Zach shared that Matt was asking for a price more than he was willing to give. Opening up that it was more than what he could afford, he said that Matt was very well aware of it and didn't want to budge.

This left things messy between the Little People, Big World star, and his dad. They even stopped going to the farm with the kids to visit them. When they decided to move to Washington, that was when Zach, Tori, and the kids went to see Matt. Zach was speechless when it came to breaking the news to Matt.

Hence, he devised a plan and used Jackson. He sent Jackson to reveal the news to Matt and Caryn. Matt was even more shocked and offended that he used Jackson to break the news.

Little People, Big World, airs every Tuesday at 9.00 pm ET only on TLC. Readers can check your local listings for more information.

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