Love in Contract episode 4: Ji-ho finds out about Hae-jin and Sang-eun’s shocking engagement

A still from Love in Contract (Image via sbsdrama/Instagram)
A still from Love in Contract (Image via sbsdrama/Instagram)

Love in Contract starring Park Min-young, Ko Kyung-pyo, and Kim Jae-young might be in its second week, but it is taking the most intriguing route.

Sang-eun, who worked as a bride for hire, was just about ready to retire. However, the woman who took care of her, who groomed her to be the perfect lady — Madam Yoo — ended up in trouble. She need $7 million, and she needs it really quickly.

So, Sang-eun had to clear out her retirement funds. Despite the animosity that has existed between the two for years, Sang-eun decides to bail her only guardian out.

Ji-ho helps her find the details about Madam Yoo’s case in Love in Contract, and it seems as if the two of them are just getting closer. The two seem to like each other, but they are not ready to confess their feelings.

That’s where Hae-jin comes in.

Hae-jin wants to sign a contract with Sang-eun in Love in Contract

Hae-jin, who knows Sang-eun as Jaime from their past, has decided that he wants to hire Sang-eun to act as his fiance.

He is a popular actor, but what his fans and others in the industry are not aware of is the fact that he is the son of a chaebol family. His parents, especially his father, wants Hae-jin to get engaged to a daughter of another conglomerate family — one that is into biomedical business. They want to expand their business and use their son as a tool to barter goodwill.

To escape his fate, Hae-jin wants a contract with Sang-eun in Love in Contract, but he doesn’t have time to explain his reason to Sang-eun or her current client, Judge Ji-ho.

Instead, he sees Sang-eun walk towards his apartment, the one where Ji-ho also stays. He also sees media people waiting outside, camping to figure if he is gay or if he has a girlfriend. The two rumors are currently being spread about him online, so using Sang-eun is a one shot solution for everything.

Even as he announces his engagement to Sang-eun, whose identity he hides by covering her face with large goggles and a scarf, Ji-ho is struggling with anxiety. It's bad timing really. His boss decides that very evening is the best time for Ji-ho to begin socializing with his team. Even as Ji-ho is clamming up due to his social anxiety, he watches Hae-jin and Sang-eun’s drama play out on live television.

His reaction is the biggest takeaway from this episode though. A man who rarely reacts and has always been able to maintain composure is not calm. In fact, a close-up shot of his jaw shows him gritting his teeth in anger in Love in Contract.

At this point, a jealous tug of war is sure to ensue between Hae-jin and Ji-ho. What must also be noted before the next episode airs is the fact that Hae-jin’s first love is Sang-eun.

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