Man who sued Twitch for s*x addiction gets his lawsuit denied by Judge, plans to subpoena Belle Delphine next

Belle Delphine and Pokimane are one of the many female streamers mentioned in the lawsuit
Belle Delphine and Pokimane are one of the many female streamers mentioned in the lawsuit

Erik Estavillo, the man, who back in late June, filed a lawsuit against Twitch for exposing him to “overtly suggestive and sexual content” from various female streamers, has had his case denied by a California Court.

As part of the lawsuit, Erik Estavillo had claimed that Twitch’s algorithm directly exposed him to sexually explicit and overtly suggestive content. Erik Estavilla suffers from OCD, panic disorder, agoraphobia and Crohn’s disease.

Earlier in July, reports had claimed that Erik was attempting to subpoena Twitch CEO Emmet Shear. However, he had not followed the correct procedure and was representing himself, thereby being denied. Now, the lawsuit has also been denied by a California Court.

Erik Estavillo, man who filed lawsuit against Twitch gets denied by a California Court

Erik had named a number of popular Twitch streamers in his lawsuit, which includes Pokimane, Alinity, Amouranth and Belle Delphine, and wanted Twitch to permanently ban them. This was of course in addition to the $25 million compensation that he had demanded from the platform.

According to the documents the plaintiff had submitted, Erik recognized himself as a “sex-addict” who heavily relies on the internet for entertainment.

He claimed that he had to scour through "thumbnails showing these scantily clad women, alongside men,” and explained that the issue can be solved if Twitch allowed its content to be filtered on the basis of gender.

However, a tentative ruling by the California Court has effectively denied his claims. According to the ruling, “The 'exhibits' submitted by Plaintiff [Estavillo] with his opposition do not identify, much less support, any claims under California law.”

This is not difficult to understand, as even if Erik had somehow been able to prove that Twitch forced their viewers to watch sexually explicit or suggestive content, he wasn’t forced to watch content on the platform in the first place.

Moreover, it has also been reported by Dexerto that Erik now plans to file a subpoena against Belle Delphine for evidence of “Simp culture.” Regardless, the new lawsuit (if any) is also more than likely going to be rejected by the court for a similar reasoning.

Moreover, considering the rather sexually explicit details that Erik had mentioned in the original lawsuit, any other outcome will be highly surprising.

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