MasterChef Legends Semifinal: Fans accuse FOX show of being "unfair", here's why

British celebrity chef, restaurateur, and television personality Gordon Ramsay in Dover, Delaware (Image via Getty Images/Jonathan Ferrey)
British celebrity chef, restaurateur, and television personality Gordon Ramsay in Dover, Delaware (Image via Getty Images/Jonathan Ferrey)

Spoilers ahead for MasterChef Legends Season 11 Semifinal

MasterChef Legends Season 11 is in its final leg and, quite obviously, the stakes are high. Off the show, they may have been amateur home cooks but on a platform like this, they ought to bring all they got.

Despite the injuries, Kelsey Murphy and Autumn Moretti put on a solid front. Alejandro Valdivia and Suu M. Khin fell behind. While Alejandro's steak was undercooked, Suu boiled her potatoes in milk, which was not part of guest chef Nyesha Arrington's recipe.

MasterChef Legends fans are calling the competition unfair

The idea of the challenge is to help get the chefs a peak into what it's like to be in a "real kitchen," where pace and error-free cooking is everything. As Nyesha went through the steps, the chefs tried their best to keep up. Meanwhile, fans are not impressed by the way the chefs were rushed.

One user commented on MasterChef Legends' Facebook page:

"It is ridiculous to have the contestants try to keep up with a professional who has honed her skill over years of being a professional.. very unrealistic."

Another expressed:

"I don't like this rapid fire following the legend. Ridiculous."

A third wrote:

"So now I hear that she has been cooking for 20 years and is now a Legend. Well let's look at these chef's in 20 years and maybe it would be a fair comparison."

One thought it was "ridiculous" to have the chefs cook and listen at the same time:

"Very cringeworthy! Why not have them watch how the dish is done ... let them take notes and then prepare the meal! Hard to cook and pay attention at the same time! The rush was ridiculous."

Another pointed out:

"Unfair competition. I don't know anyone who performed as a drained chef during their application for the job. I would like to see this chef's original season, to see her original application for the job. I can already tell you, she didn't execute this quickly. Boo hoo, Master Chef has lost my following. grow up."

One thought it was "cringeworthy," and wrote:

"We always watch your variety of cooking challenges, but tonight's (9/8) was cringeworthy. Your legend chef was mean and I doubt she ever cooks that fast. It was unfair to these brilliant contestants."

MasterChef Legends Season 11 semifinal was quite the nail-biter. Round one ended with Kelsey securing a spot in the final. Her steak and potatoes were laden with mistakes too, but they were lesser than most others.

MasterChef Legends semifinal round two was a dumpster fire, especially for Alejandro. Suzette Gresham's squid and risotto recipe was a tough one to follow. And it didn't help that he started on a fumbly note. He drew flak for straining Calamari using Suu's sieve, which Gordon Ramsay was not okay with and gave him a hard time for.

In a nutshell, MasterChef Legends semifinal round two was a tense event that tested home chefs in every way possible. And at the end of it, Autumn took the second spot in the final.

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