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Minecraft star Dream admits to receiving Dream-themed condoms in his PO Box, leaves Twitter aghast

Dream's recent revelation has scandalized Twitter (image via MrBeast)
Aryan Mehta
Modified 20 Mar 2021

Minecraft star Dream was trending on Twitter today for the most bizarre reason. The phrase "Dream Cond*ms" began trending on Twitter after the Minecraft star revealed that a company had sent him cond*ms themed after himself to his PO Box.

The clip and the phrase went viral, and people tried to piece together what a Dream cond*m would actually look like. Fans began posting strange mockups and product ideas of the same all over Twitter.

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Minecraft YouTuber Dream gets cond*ms in his PO Box, breaks Twitter after revelation

After the clip went viral, people began tweeting about "Dream cond*ms" non-stop and earned the phrase a spot on Twitter's trending tab. The official Twitter description for the term read:

While taking part in content creator Captain Puffy's latest stream on the Dream SMP Minecraft server, YouTuber Dream said that a company sent him 'Dream Cond*ms.'

Garnering over 4000 tweets in just a matter of hours, people took the Dream cond*m product idea to new heights, speculating how the product would be.

Here are a few ideas from Twitter users:


Other Twitter users shared their sympathy for the Twitter employee who had to go through the process of researching what Dream cond*ms were and put together a description.


Here are a few tweets on the same:

The rest of Twitter had a field day when they heard of the bizarre product and put forward hilarious scenarios involving Dream cond*ms.

Here are a few hypothetical scenarios imagined by Twitter users:


The product seems to have gotten people's attention and is probably one of the most bizarre ways to get trending on Twitter. This goes to show just how popular the Minecraft YouTuber really is.

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Published 20 Mar 2021, 17:00 IST
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