'Money Heist' Season 5 ending: Heists are a family tradition in the season finale of Netflix's show (Spoilers)

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 official poster (Image via Netflix)
Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 official poster (Image via Netflix)
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The season finale of Money Heist leaves with a bang and shocking plot twists that all lead to a good road for everyone.

Episode 10 of Money Heist's Season 5 picks off from The Professor's surrender as Sierra and the team look for the stolen gold. A constant war between The Professor and Tamayo leads to an unexpected turn of events, which eventually frees every member of the heist.

This episode of Money Heist is titled A Family Tradition and it does throw light on the heist tradition in the Martin-Fonollosa family.


'Money Heist' Season 5 episode 10: Recap and ending explained


The final ever episode of Money Heist starts with chants of "Professor" on the outside of the bank as the beloved leader has walked into the enemy's territory. He has completely surrendered to the authorities and the team now looks defeated.

Tamayo, desperate to find the stolen gold, asks The Professor about it before arresting him and later narrates the charges they are all facing, one heist team member at a time. He then offers to give an entirely new life to whoever confesses about the gold, starting with Denver.

Episode 10 of Money Heist, titled A Family Tradition, goes into another flashback, this time to the Philippines, which was two months after the first heist. The Professor is distressed after his brother's death and has become obsessed with the idea of robbing the Bank of Spain.

Back to the present day, a video is being broadcasted thanks to The Professor's friends in Pakistan. It shows Palermo exposing to the world how they stole from the national reserve so that the country knows that they are in economic trouble, something Tamayo was trying to hide.

Tamayo, of course, responded to it by saying that the video didn’t work because they have had cash injections from the European bank.

Does Denver tell Tamayo about the stolen gold?

But investors ended up betting against Spain's fall that caused the stock market to crash, bringing the country into bankruptcy. The Professor and the heist team are the only ones who can stop it.

Back to flashbacks in Money Heist, where The Professor is seen telling his team that they will hand back the gold which appalls Denver. In the present day, The Professor is ready to offer the gold which makes Denver angry and vulnerable.

Tamayo takes him in for interrogation and tries to bribe him with a fresh start; a lifetime allowance, and a retirement plan for him and his family - something every Money Heist character is desperate for.

Meanwhile, Sierra brainstorms and concludes that the gold must be buried near a plot purchased before the heist. Now all they have to do is look for a recently purchased land at the registry which is not a big task for the brilliant Money Heist characters.

Back to Denver who tells Tamayo that he doesn't know where the gold is, which is actually true but the latter refuses to believe him. He asks Denver to write down what Lisbon was restraining him from revealing, only to get mocked in return. Denver is then taken away from the team, into police custody and as he leaves, the crowd outside claps for him.

On the other hand, The Professor and Lisbon are now thrown in their own cell which feels like Money Heist deja vu.

A family tradition of heists

The final episode of Money Heist then moves five years back to Madrid, where Rafael, Berlin and The Professor are seen sitting together. Rafael asks The Professor why he is planning a heist to which Berlin says that robbery is their life and how their father is the one who started this tradition.

The Professor and Berlin reminisce upon the memories of their father. The former then shares how he had followed their father all the way to the bank before he shot. He shared his experience of seeing their father rob a bank and get killed, and how they locked eyes right when it happened.

To him, it felt like a movie which is why he now plans all these Money Heists to talk to their father.

Back at the police quarters in Money Heist, Angel has a theory - he believes the gold has been transported into trucks which are actually traceable and of course, decoy trucks were used for it.

Meanwhile, things are getting worse for Tamayo as the Central European Bank is skeptical and alright with letting Spain collapse. This frustration has only one outlet for Tamayo and that is to beat The Professor while he is tied up.

The Professor then tells Tamayo that his idea of winning is wrong as what's important right now is to save the banks instead of looking for the gold.

For him, it's either they both win or lose together, further revealing that he doesn’t know where the gold is, and neither do his people but it is definitely on the move which is insignificant in this economic tsunami.

Spain faces bankruptcy

"What you believe to be the end of the game, is really just the beginning."- The Professor#MoneyHeist5 #LaCasaDePapael5

Meanwhile Sierra and her team head to the land registry office and take the workers under hostage, eventually finding the recently purchased plot. The aftermath of 'Tom Thumb' plan in Money Heist is revealed which meant leaving breadcrumbs for the authorities, making the search complex for them. It worked as Angel is now looking for the gold at the bottom of the sea.

Tamayo orders the Navy to search the sea while pretending to the media that they are still at war with the bank. Meanwhile, Palermo and Rio still have hope as it's been a while since they have been tied up.

Another one of Palermo's video hits the internet showing how the heist team melted down the gold. The world now knows that the gold has left the Bank of Spain.

Coupled with that, the stock market continues to crash, just like The Professor predicted. Hell breaks loose for Tamayo when the news shows images of the Navy out at the sea, now the only option left is to negotiate with The Professor in Money Heist.

Meanwhile, Sierra goes over to the plot where the gold is only to get surrounded by Tatiana, Rafael and their men for a face-off. But before anything happens, Siera hands Rafael the note sent by his uncle, The Professor.

Not all secrets are shared in bed

Tamayo is really good at negotiations.. had me on the egde of my seat😂😂😂😂 #MoneyHeistFinale #MoneyHeistSeason5 #MoneyHeist5

Tamayo finally sits down with The Professor for a negotiation but rather than being polite, he threatens to execute his entire heist team. The Professor reminds him again that either they both win or they both lose.

He then asks Tamayo to make a statement claiming that they have intercepted the gold from the trucks, and were offering trust and transparency, which he did. As promised, trucks full of gold appear at the bank, making the world believe that the debt crisis is now under control.

The Professor then tells Lisbon that this is part of the plan, and not all secrets are shared in bed, another typical Money Heist move.

Viewers will be greeted with another flashback in this episode of Money Heist, where Palermo asks The Professor about his secret plan. The former doesn’t believe he would surrender and give up the gold that easily.

The Professor tells him he can’t reveal the last part of the plan and calls the gold an illusion as it means nothing and is merely a physiological backup. He then reveals that the gold in the back of the truck is brass, a swap for fake gold.

The Professor pulls a checkmate

Back in the present day in Money Heist, Tamayo is furious when he learns that the gold is actually painted brass and orders his squad to execute the heist team. However, The Professor tells him to look at the brighter side, the economic crisis is finally over.

He then looks over to Lisbon and admits that his true nature is being a thief. The latter finds it funny that one of the world’s strongest economies will be supported by brass which is somewhere related to an old tale.

Then, The Professor tells Tamayo that he will be a hero who carries another state secret and deep down, it will not matter.

This is the moment where fans of Money Heist will realize that the missing piece of the puzzle was the desperate Tamayo who wants to be a hero. However, he refuses The Professor’s final plan and gives him a count till 10. If the latter doesn't answer, his entire team will be executed.

The Professor and Lisbon convince him that this is his only chance at being the hero and remind him of the consequences. As he ends his countdown, The Professor tells him it is a "checkmate." The screen goes black and gunshots are heard.

How does Money Heist Season 5 end?


The final episode of Money Heist ends with Tamayo giving a press statement to the public that the heist is over. He announces that Bogota, Rio, Manila, Pamplona, Helsinki, Stockholm, Palermo, Lisbon, and The Professor were all shot dead in a 'final resistance.'

Body bags are seen being carried out of the bank as the crowd grieves. He further added that they will be putting Denver under witness protection until the investigation is over.

But it's not over yet as the heist team are then seen unzipping their body bags, the biggest plot twist to Money Heist. Everyone is alive and they got away with the heist.

It seems that The Professor really got to Tamayo who didn't want to be at risk of a massive state secret being revealed, and with the heist team being declared 'dead,' it's like the entire saga died with them.

Tamayo got what he wanted and now the reserve is full of brass bricks. Meanwhile, the message sent by The Professor moved Rafael as he believes he is serving his father's honor by taking a share of his legacy.

Farewell to the heist team

The episode in Money Heist then jumps to 24 hours later and the heist team is now given new passports. They all get a fresh start, as promised, to which The Professor adds that it didn't turn out how they wanted it to because not everyone is here. However, they all got something out of it.

Sierra then shows up and hugs The Professor before shaking hands with Lisbon. Sierra is also given a new identity along with a passport for her daughter, a definite happy ending for all Money Heist characters.

As Sierra drives away, The Professor asks her about the gold and she tells him that it's already in Portugal in a small treasure house. Interestingly, this is the house Rafael and Tatiana built. The scene then cuts to Benjamin driving away with the house. Money Heist ends with all heist members given a fresh start and no longer having the need to rob a bank ever again.

They all get into a helicopter and celebrate their freedom. The Professor shakes his hands in the air emotionally and Palermo is also seen all teary-eyed. The legacy of Money Heist finally comes to an end.

Stream Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2, now on Netflix with all previous seasons available to watch on the platform.

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