Namjoon’s VLIVE, ColdplayxBTS collab My Universe and Jin’s gift results in ARMY’s meltdown

A screenshot of Namjoon from his VLIVE. (Image via VLIVE/BTS)
A screenshot of Namjoon from his VLIVE. (Image via VLIVE/BTS)
Paige Greene

BTS idols RM aka Namjoon, Suga, J-hope, Jin, Jimin, Taehyung aka V and Jungkook made the ARMY extremely happy. It was not one thing, but many that made fans of the band go gaga on social networking sites.

RM, aka Namjoon, who celebrated his birthday on September 12, interacted with fans on VLIVE. This was right after BTS won the VMA 2021 category of Best Group and Best K-Pop.

What did BTS leader Namjoon reveal during his VLIVE session?

Namjoon celebrated his birthday with fans by cutting a cake. His antics charmed the Army members who were present during the VLIVE session. Fans couldn't help but fall in love with Namjoon during the live show and shared screenshots of the star from the interaction.

The live lasted 31 minutes, and Namjoon started with an apology for doing a delayed live for his birthday. He also explained that he was bare-faced as he did not have any plans for the day. The cake that Namjoon cut had the phrase, "I believe in your galaxy, RM."

RM also showed the ARMY the bicycle that he had got from Jin as a birthday gift. He brought the cycle from outside to show his fans and said that "Jin hyung" gifted him a cycle he would ride forever.

Fans also shared details of the bicycle that Jin gifted on Twitter. It was a 2021 Alton Furious 26 Hybrid. Namjoon informed fans that Jin had assembled the bike himself as well.

In addition to all this, Namjoon also revealed that he did not want to do VLIVE on Sunday because he did not want the staff to work.

ColdplayxBTS collab saw fans meltdown on Twitter

After RM, aka Namjoon's VLIVE, BTS also confirmed that Coldplay would collaborate with BTS. Fans noted that Apple Music credited RM, Suga and J-Hope as composers of the collaboration single My Universe. This led to a walk down memory lane for the Army.

They shared pictures of Namjoon and J-Hope attending a Coldplay concert in 2017, and a few years down the line, the band announced a collab with their favorite artist.

A single CD of My Universe was released, and just minutes after the announcement, it was sold out. The single is scheduled for release on September 24.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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