Netizens react to Choi Nam-ra and Lee Soo-hyeok in All of Us Are Dead

Choi Nam-ra and Lee Soo-hyeok, Image via Twitter/@kdramatreats
Choi Nam-ra and Lee Soo-hyeok, Image via Twitter/@kdramatreats

Netizens can't stop buzzing around the new k-drama couple in town, Choi Nam-ra and Lee Soo-hyeok. Another Netflix original show, All of Us are Dead, has made its way across the internet.

Despite having a gripping narrative, what's gotten the audience and viewer's attention are the unique characters. Each character brought their charm and wit to the show. But what's got fans intrigued are characters Choi Nam-ra (Cho Yi-hyun) and Lee Soo-hyeok (Park Solomon).

From episode one, netizens and fans sensed the chemistry between Choi Nam-ra (Cho Yi-hyun) and Lee Soo-hyeok (Lomon). Apart from rooting for the characters individually, fans and netizens ship the Choi Nam-ra and Lee Soo-hyeok couple hard. According to fans, both characters displayed bravery despite the horrifying situation they're in.

Meet Choi Nam-ra and Lee Soo-hyeok from All of Us are Dead

The first episode set the stage for the entire show. It revealed all the characters, their intentions and their relationship with each other. The two characters that stood out are Choi Nam-ra and Lee Soo-hyeok.

Choi Nam-ra is the genius class president who remained very distant from her other classmates. When her classmate went missing and entered class in the most bizarre way possible, she kept to herself and focused on her studies.

She comes across as a cold person who is aware of her privilege and what her classmates think of her. Many netizens admire her calm composure.

Netizens praised her character's growth throughout the series.

On the other hand, Lee Soo-hyeok displayed a stark contrast from Choi Nam-ra. He's a former bully who now seeks justice for those currently aggrieved. He's a fairly social individual who has developed a soft spot for Choi Nam-ra. He's a strong and athletic student as well. He displayed heroism, loyalty and bravery in the eye of danger.

Netizens flood the internet to admire his charisma.

But what netizens ship the most is the Nam-ra- Soo-hyeo couple. Fans couldn't get over their budding romance during the show despite the apocalyptic situation.

One netizen expressed how this couple is the main reason they enjoyed the entire series.

Another netizen compared the couple's chemistry with another popular couple from hit drama, Happiness.

Amidst the terrifying and helpless situation, netizens and fans enjoyed the fact that love blooms through it all.

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