New Balance 1906F "Slate Grey" sneaker pack: Price and more details explored

New Balance 1906F "Slate Grey" sneaker pack
New Balance 1906F "Slate Grey" sneaker pack (Image via Sneaker News)

The New Balance 1906F "Slate Grey" sneaker pack is the latest innovation in New Balance's line of retro-inspired runners. Blending the nostalgic appeal of classic designs with contemporary style, this new offering is set to captivate both sneaker enthusiasts and casual wearers alike.

This sneaker pack features three distinct colorways: "Slate Grey," "Timber Wolf," and "Dark Moss." Each variant maintains the aesthetic essence of the popular New Balance 1906R, a model that was revived two years ago and continues to influence modern sneaker design.

The New Balance 1906F "Slate Grey" sneaker pack was released on November 27, 2023 in United States. Priced at $150 USD, these sneakers could be acquired through New Balance's official website,

This launch is not just a release of new footwear but a stated of style and innovation, marking a significant moment in the brand's ongoing evolution.

New Balance 1906F "Slate Grey" sneaker pack details

New Balance 1906F "Slate Grey" sneaker pack (Image via Sneaker News)
New Balance 1906F "Slate Grey" sneaker pack (Image via Sneaker News)

The sneakers within the pack showcase a blend of mesh, leather, and suede across the upper. This combination not only creates a visually appealing texture but also ensures optimal breathability and durability.

The mesh material is arranged in a tighter layout than standard versions, enhancing the overall look and feel of the shoes.

Enhanced Heel Design for Aesthetic and Performance

The leather component surrounding the heel is a standout feature of the NB 1906F. While mostly visual, this design feature adheres to performance criteria, providing both style and functionality.

The heel counter adds a unique touch to the sneakers, distinguishing them from other models on the market.

Advanced Cushioning and Support

The sneakers are equipped with ABZORB SBS-assisted cushioning across the midsole, providing exceptional comfort and support.

The color scheme of the cushioning complements the muted tones of the upper, creating a cohesive and stylish look. Additionally, the N-lock technology ensures a secure and snug fit, enhancing the overall wearing experience.

Refined Details for a Luxurious Touch

Overview of New Balance 1906F "Slate Grey" sneaker pack (Image via Sneaker News)
Overview of New Balance 1906F "Slate Grey" sneaker pack (Image via Sneaker News)

The leather-updated tongue labels, which blur the lines between sporty and trendy, add to the richness of the design. These subtle but noticeable features enhance the shoes, making them appropriate for a wide range of contexts, from casual outings to more formal occasions.

Stability Web Technology for Enhanced Performance

Each sneaker in the pack features Stability Web technology at the outsole, borrowed directly from the New Balance 860v2.

This technology provides additional arch support, making these sneakers a practical choice for everyday wear while maintaining a high standard of comfort and stability.

A Brief History of New Balance

Founded in 1906, New Balance has a storied history in the world of athletic footwear. The brand started with a focus on arch supports and later expanded into sneakers in the 1960s.

Known for its commitment to quality and comfort, New Balance has made a name for itself by consistently blending innovative designs with traditional craftsmanship.

The New Balance 1906F "Slate Grey" sneaker pack is a testament to the brand's ability to reinvent classic designs for the modern era. Available on for $150, these sneakers are a perfect blend of retro charm and contemporary sophistication.

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