New Young Sheldon post shows how Penny took over Mary's role in The Big Bang Theory

A still from Young Sheldon (image via CBS)
A still from Young Sheldon (image via CBS)

Young Sheldon is a spin-off of the acclaimed CBS series The Big Bang Theory. Actor Iain Armitage slipped into the role of the younger version of the beloved The Big Bang Theory character Sheldon Cooper, and the series has become popular in its own right.

The seventh season of the show is still in the works, and it is expected to dive even further into the lives of the secondary characters.

Young Sheldon had started as a spin-off centering mainly on Sheldon's younger years. But over the years, it started focusing on the arcs of the supporting characters too.

A poster of Young Sheldon (image via Amazon Prime Video)
A poster of Young Sheldon (image via Amazon Prime Video)

A recent Young Sheldon social media post shows how the role of Mary, Sheldon's mother, was eventually taken over by Penny in The Big Bang Theory.

In the season 6 finale of Young Sheldon, we see Mary make the decision to travel to Germany with Sheldon as he goes to pursue the Heidelberg research program. But when he relocated to Pasadena for graduate school in later years, Sheldon needed to find someone else to look out for him the way Mary did. That is exactly what the hilarious social media post hints at.

New Young Sheldon recalls Penny's role in The Big Bang Theory

The hilarious post from Warner Bros. was a play about adult Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons) having to find a replacement for his mother Mary when he was sick and living away from home as an adult.

As the post suggests, it was none other than one of his best friends Penny (played by Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting), who accepted the role of his mother and took care of him when he fell sick.

The new Young Sheldon post is about the origin of "Soft Kitty," a song that is featured in The Big Bang Theory too.

Penny was seemingly Sheldon's first female friend in Pasadena. The socially shy genius found Penny to be more compassionate and empathetic than the boys, which reminded him of his mother.

As can be seen in the video clip above, Penny wasn't exactly pleased with Sheldon asking her to perform tasks for him. But as time went on and their friendship deepened, she felt more at ease taking on the role of being his caregiver and occasionally protector.

Sheldon's relationship with Penny in The Big Bang Theory was just as significant as his friendship with Leonard, which has received a lot of attention. Sheldon learned to be more social from Penny. The guys did not care about being social outsiders, but Sheldon learned more about how to interact with people outside his immediate circle after spending time with Penny.

Most importantly, Penny called Sheldon out on his improper conduct, which helped him build his character.

Explore the relationship between a growing Sheldon and his mother Mary in Young Sheldon streaming on CBS.

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