Top Gun: 3 iconic scenes featuring Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise image (image via
Tom Cruise image (image via

Few films in Tom Cruise's illustrious career stand out as much as Top Gun. In the 1986 picture, Cruise portrays Maverick, a skilled fighter pilot who competes in the Top Gun flight school against the finest in the world.

Top Gun was an exciting 80s film that aided the development of Cruise into the blockbuster celebrity he is today.

Fans recall a lot of notable sequences, but few are as memorable as Maverick's epic aerial dogfights. As the long-awaited sequel arrives, now seems like a good time to reflect on the best scenes from the original Top Gun.

Top Gun's 3 most iconic scenes by Tom Cruise

1) Maverick's "need for speed"

Tom Cruise Need for Speed (Image via
Tom Cruise Need for Speed (Image via

There is no other sequence in the movie that is as memorable as this one. This is the scene where Maverick and Goose are getting ready to take to the sky once more, chanting, "I feel the need...the desire for speed!"

It's a little corny, but it gets the blood flowing. This scene, as well as the phrase, represents the kind of gentlemen Maverick and Goose are. They live for the surge of adrenaline. It's also an apt description of Tom Cruise's personality in general, since he always seems to be wanting to make his films bigger and quicker, which he appears to be doing again in Top Gun: Maverick.

2) The scene where Tom Cruise is labeled as dangerous

Iceman, played by Val Kilmer, is Maverick's school opponent. Iceman is the polar opposite of Maverick, following the rules and displaying incredible patience while in the air. Maverick's irresponsible behavior, he believes, is a liability in the sky.

When the two of them confront each other one-on-one, Iceman describes Maverick as hazardous. Maverick retaliates, "That's correct, Ice... I'm dangerous, man." It was a wonderful and memorable scene because of Cruise's delivery and the way he and Kilmer played off against one another, reinforcing their gripping rivalry.

3) She's lost that love feeling

Top Gun succeeds with its captivating romance in addition to all of the adrenaline of flight school. In a pub, Maverick sets his eyes on Charlie, played by Kelly McGillis, not knowing that she is one of his school's instructors. But, just like in the sky, Maverick approaches his targets in a distinctive way.

Maverick remarks, "She's lost that loving feeling," which Goose is not thrilled about, as he and Goose discuss how he'll woo this gorgeous woman. They then start to sing the popular song by the Righteous Brothers, which the entire pub joins in on. It's cheesy but definitely a memorable scene.

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