ACE Family's Catherine Paiz under fire as customers complain about her skincare brand "1212 gateway's" products

(Image via cattherinemcbroom/Instagram)
(Image via cattherinemcbroom/Instagram)

When it rains, it pours, and Catherine Paiz McBroom is not exempt from fault. It's just been days since alleged lawsuits were uncovered against Austin McBroom and his company, along with eviction rumors.

Now, a few customers of Catherine McBroom's skincare brand "1212 Gateway" have taken to Twitter to voice their complaints about the brand's packaging and other faulty issues.

Catherine Paiz's 1212 Gateway products are labeled cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and created with organic ingredients. Her products range from facial cleansers and overnight facial masks to facial moisturizers and eye creams.

One Twitter user stated that their products took two months to be produced/shipped, and the packaging arrived empty. Another said their products were good, but the presentation was lackluster.

Both users shared photos of their skincare products while mentioning Catherine Paiz directly.

Unfortunately, it didn't end there. 1212 Gateway's Instagram page began receiving comments from customers having issues with their purchased products.

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Customer complaints against Catherine Paiz's skincare brand

On Instagram, many users commented under various 1212 Gateway posts to state more issues about Catherine Paiz's skincare products. In screenshots also shared on Twitter, one Instragam comment mentioned that the skincare products allegedly started to burn their face.

Another explained that they were overcharged for a canceled order. Pointedly, one user stated that they had unfollowed Catherine Paiz, her skincare brand, and all other ACE Family affiliations because "all [you] guys care about is money."

These complaints follow the recent ACE Family drama surrounding their alleged eviction and bankruptcy. The Twitteratti commented a lot under user defnoodles' post with their opinion on the situation.

Some stated that they couldn't feel bad for people who continue to give their money.

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Catherine Paiz's Instagram story has only shared positive reviews of skincare products as of July 9th. On the 1212 Gateway's website, there is no place for previous buyers to leave reviews on products.

Neither Catherine Paiz nor her skincare specialist partner has commented on the skincare products or consumer' complaints.

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