ACE Family house drama explained: Austin McBroom under fire as alleged foreclosure, eviction, and lawsuits loom large

Austin and Catherine McBroom (Image via Getty Images)
Austin and Catherine McBroom (Image via Getty Images)

Austin McBroom and the ACE family continue to find themselves in hot water with each passing day. Rumors of several purported lawsuits against the couple have surfaced online, along with the couple facing pre-foreclosure for purportedly failing to make payments on their $7 million mansions.

Austin McBroom has also come under fire for failing to pay employees from the Social Gloves event. YouTuber Tana Mongeau has incessantly attacked Austin on Twitter for failing to pay employees.

Austin also failed to deliver exclusive content to members of the Ace Club who paid premium prices for it.

ACE Family’s kingdom crumbling

Austin McBroom and his wife Catherine Paiz McBroom are worth over $22 million and have failed to pay mortgages on time. The couple had combined two mansions, building a $7.5 million dream home, which may be the reason for their fiscal woes.

Legal documents began circulating on social media of the Zillow posting of the house with the address blocked out. The documents stated that ACE Family had failed to produce mortgage payments and taxes. Though the listing stated that the house was in “pre-foreclosure,” netizens quickly commented that the bank had already begun the process.

Further details had leaked, stating that the family was being sued for $65,000 by their former landlord as they failed to pay rent on time and broke out of the contract early. The property allegedly had cost them $7,000 in rent per month.

Austin McBroom took to Instagram to post a story speaking about the eviction rumors saying-

“Stop (capp)ing on me and my family’s name. Ain’t nobody getting evicted ain’t nobody moving. Stop believing everything you see the haters say on the internet! If we were moving, we definitely would (have) informed the world and made a whole YouTube video about it. Have a good rest of your day.”

Austin McBroom fails to pay employees for Social Gloves event

Austin McBroom has also allegedly failed to pay boxers and artists from Social Gloves Entertainment. The company became popular after hosting the battle of the platforms - YouTubers vs TikTokers. The family patriarch fought in the event as well against TikToker Bryce Hall.


TikTokers Vinne Hacker and Josh Richards revealed on the BFFs podcast that Social Gloves had filed for bankruptcy. The event was to attain 500,000 pay–per–view buys but only made $136,000.

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau took to Twitter to fire at Austin McBroom for failing to pay employees. Paul compared Austin to Billy McFarland, the now-convicted con artist who orchestrated the Fyre Fest Music Festival, which defrauded investors of $27.4 million.

Mongeau also took to Twitter, calling out McBroom for owning most of Social Gloves Entertainment and failing to pay employees. McBroom responded to this by asking if there were any female boxers interested in fighting Mongeau inside the ring.

McBroom also said,

Austin McBroom has acquired several lawsuits against him and has also been called out for cheating on his wife, Catherine Paiz McBroom. Austin has not responded to any of the cheating rumors, and it seems like the YouTube mogul does not plan to.

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