"This has been happening for years": Tana Mongeau's friend accuses Austin McBroom of flying out one his friends to "hook up"

Austin McBroom accused of cheating for the third time (Image via Instagram)
Austin McBroom accused of cheating for the third time (Image via Instagram)

Austin McBroom recently got called out by Tana Mongeau's friend, Imari Stuart, for allegedly cheating on Catherine for the third time.

On June 12th, just hours before the boxing match between Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall at the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event, Tana Mongeau made allegations via TikTok and Twitter. He claimed Austin was being unfaithful towards his wife, Catherine Paiz.

Just weeks prior, Tana had also alleged that Austin McBroom paid her roommate $40,000 to stay quiet about an affair he was having.

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Imari Stuart calls out Austin McBroom for allegedly cheating

On Tuesday evening, Imari Stuart, a friend of Tana Mongeau, claimed on his podcast called "Get In, Loser" that Austin McBroom had been cheating on Catherine Paiz "for years".


He began by explaining what a friend of his told him.

"My friend messaged me one day, she was like 'Hey do you know this one guy?', then showed me Austin McBroom's page. I said I don't know him know him, but he's a part of the ACE Family and he's married."

Imari claimed that his friend's friend was contacted by Austin McBroom, who was allegedly trying to fly her out for them to "hook up".

"She [said] he's been hitting up [her] friend non-stop, trying to fly her out, trying to hook up with her, all this stuff."

The podcast co-host also stated that he had heard the story from his friend "years back". However, he was shocked to realize that the same allegations were still floating around Austin to this day.

"She saw on his page that he was with Catherine so she wasn't responding to him. That was the first time I've ever heard of his unfaithfulness. This was years back. This has been happening for years."

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Tana and her friend get called out for being "clout chasers"

Fans took to Twitter to slam Imari for trying to add fuel to the fire surrounding Austin's cheating allegations. Apparently, Imari's claims were about a friend of his friend and not anyone he knew directly.

Meanwhile, some even went as far as to call out Imari for trying to "stay relevant".

Austin McBroom has yet to respond to Imari's accusations. However, fans have speculated that since the news only resurfaced, the former won't be addressing it.

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