AOA Mina hospitalized for attempting suicide hours after posting a lengthy apology note for not being able to stay off SNS

AOA Mina is hospitalized following a suicide attempt (Image via Soompi)
AOA Mina is hospitalized following a suicide attempt (Image via Soompi)

AOA Mina is reportedly hospitalized after an acquaintance found her in her home after an attempt to self-harm.

According to an exclusive report by Hankook Ilbo, AOA Mina is still unconscious after going through emergency life-saving surgery.

AOA Mina went out of touch, worrying her acquaintance

AOA Mina's acquaintance hurried to the idol's home after it became tough to reach her. According to the report, the acquaintance had been worried about AOA Mina's well-being.

This is also not the first time that the idol had harmed herself. In August 2020, she was hospitalized for the first time. She also posted a bloody image of self-harm in April 2021 on her Instagram but later deleted the image.

However, all of this was worrisome for her friends and family. The acquaintance who discovered Mina was the one to call the ambulance as well. At the time, it was reported that AOA Mina was not in imminent danger. However, she continues to be unconscious.

Hours before reports of AOA Mina's self-harm were reported, she posted an apology note on SNS

AOA Mina promised her audience multiple times that she would stay off social networking sites (SNS), such as Instagram. Recently, after becoming embroiled in a scandal, she seemed determined to stay off the platform.

But when her boyfriend was accused of cheating, she explained her side of the story and used Instagram to release the statements.

She also apologized to the victim when she learned that her boyfriend had lied to her. This time, she was trolled relentlessly. People also brought up past events involving her former bandmate Shin Jimin.

AOA Mina appeared on the live stream to clarify that the two incidents were not connected. She spread private information about Jimin online by commenting on her sex life.

In an apology note posted on Thursday, AOA Mina said,

"I'm really sorry for showing actions of not taking responsibility for my words...I kept saying that I would get off Instagram and take time to self-reflect... I had to give you discomfort again."

She further added,

"I contemplated a lot. But there were so many incidents such as the incident with Yoo and Shin Jimin to keep my mouth shut."

The long note also included further recriminations against Jimin. In addition, she also refuted claims of bullying Shin Jimin. She explained that she wanted to clear things out because people who were not involved in the incident were spinning all kinds of tales.

The note also touched upon the tough times that she experienced while promoting AOA. She said in the note,

"There were so many stories that came out that was different from what I experienced. Also, a lot of people asked me to explain. I want to explain everything for what they are. So I will explain everything without any lies."
Edited by Srijan Sen
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