Former AOA member Kwon Mina alleges Shin Jimin hit her with fists in the chest during trainee days

Former AOA member Kwon Mina has spoken out about her experiences from being bullied (Image via Instagram)
Former AOA member Kwon Mina has spoken out about her experiences from being bullied (Image via Instagram)
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Content Warning: This article about Kwon Mina includes descriptions of bullying, suicide, or self-harm that may distress readers.

Former AOA member Kwon Mina continues to bring up allegations against the K-Pop group's former leader, Shin Ji Min (known mononymously as Jimin).

A few days back, Kwon had shared a photo depicting self-harm on Instagram, which was later taken down. The 27-year-old then revealed that she posted the picture because she wanted others to tell Jimin about it so that the latter would personally apologize to her.

In another recent Instagram post, Kwon Mina shared that she had always been bullied, even during her trainee days. She alleged that Jimin had abused her, both physically and mentally.

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What Kwon Mina said about Jimin's alleged bullying

Kwon alleged that she was tasked with fetching water and running errands when she was a trainee. She also claimed that when the group as a whole was "scolded," she was the only one hit with fists in the chest repeatedly. The singer was also cursed at, according to a Koreaboo translation.

Kwon Mina also alleged that Jimin body-shamed her during the promotions for "Confused." Additionally, the actress said that while she had joined as a rapper, she soon began taking vocal lessons and was praised for her growth.

Kwon wrote that every time she gained "self-confidence," Jimin would "endlessly criticize" her singing. The Jaesong-dong-born star said that the criticism ended up shaking her and that she would have to take tranquilizers whenever she had to record.

Kwon Mina wrote:

"Dance time was no exception as well. I was criticized continuously until one day, I noticed how she was in the wrong formation. When I told her about it, she didn’t reply, but she stared me down with that unique glare. I ended up thinking I got lucky that I wasn’t cursed out."

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Kwon Mina also revealed that Jimin would bring people over to the group's dorm without notice, which would disturb her:

"Once I ran into team leader Song Yoonho, who is a male, in the middle of the night when I was walking over to the laundry room, naked. She also invited her close comedian unnie friend, and they would hang out all night, playing games and being loud. Once, when I was sleeping in my room, they called my cellphone to ask me to come out to the living room. I told them no because I had taken sleeping pills, and so I had to sleep. Another time I hung out with them, we played a game. I lost, and so they made me go to the playground in the apartment complex and complete some mission as a penalty. Since then, whenever that guest would come over, I packed my sleeping pills and left, telling them I have to go to the practice rooms. I slept on the desk in the practice rooms."

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Kwon Mina also said that Jimin's bullying made her hide her emotions from her father, which led to her not being able to be fully present during his final days.

Mina also alleged that when Jimin found her crying over her father's illness, Jimin would say Kwon was "ruining the mood." The artist claimed that she restrained herself from visiting her father in the hospital so she wouldn't cry when she was with the other members.

Kwon Mina wrote:

"People think I got to keep by my dad's side when he passed away? Um, no. When my mom called saying that he looked like he would leave us soon, I rushed over to the hospital. Within the 5 to 10 minutes I got there, I heard the flatline, and the doctors announced his death. I saw that he had written in shaky words, 'My daughter… Where am… I?' I felt guilty that I had not been able to see my father frequently because of that damned 'mindfulness for others' and that I had to send him off without being able to tell him that I loved him."

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Kwon Mina also alleged that she developed several stress-induced stress conditions, including cervical dysplastic cancer.

With the accusations from the starlet continuing over the past week, it remains to be seen how her former bandmates will respond, and where this episode will eventually lead.

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