Austin McBroom of The ACE Family sued for $100 million by LiveXLive amid looming house foreclosure and multiple lawsuits 

Image via Instagram/ austinmcbroom
Image via Instagram/ austinmcbroom

On July 24th, Austin McBroom confronted rumors of his company Social Gloves Entertainment going bankrupt and the fighters that participated in the June 12th boxing event not being paid.

In short, McBroom stated that the digital media company LiveXLive was allegedly withholding the funds, which explained why no one was getting paid under Social Gloves.

However, a new document has surfaced, according to which LiveXLive is allegedly suing Austin McBroom and his family for 100 million dollars. This is the most recent alleged lawsuit against Austin McBroom and his family, following two smaller suits against McBroom's company, Ace Hat Collection and Catherine McBroom's legal battle with former business partners.

These lawsuits, along with the alleged foreclosure of The ACE Family's Encino, California home, have surfaced in the span of a month after the Social Gloves boxing event.

The rundown of Austin McBroom's alleged lawsuits

Around two weeks after the June 12th boxing event between YouTubers and TikTokers, Josh Richards and Vinnie Hacker came forward to state they had not been paid for their appearances. Various talent also came forward to confirm the same, and rumors began to circulate that Social Gloves Entertainment was filing for bankruptcy.

Austin McBroom and Social Gloves denied these rumors before the first two lawsuits came forward. Following the two lawsuits, one from a contracting company and the other from a social media company, rumors began to circulate that The ACE Family's seven million dollar home was in the midst of foreclosure.

The rumors began due to the house being listed on home-buying sites stating the lot was "pre-foreclosure." Screenshots of the alleged court documents also showed that the location was being foreclosed on due to backed mortgage payments.

Austin McBroom once again denied the rumors, stating that they were untrue and nothing of the sort was happening. Many netizens began speculating that The ACE Family would make an announcement of their next move through YouTube.

At the time of the article, Austin McBroom did not come forward with any statement or comment about the alleged lawsuit. There have been no further announcements regarding The ACE Family on YouTube.

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