"Social Gloves is not bankrupt": Austin McBroom reveals he is suing his business partner as he defends the "YouTubers vs TikTokers" payment scandal

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram
Karishma Rao

Austin McBroom finally spoke about why the fighters from the Social Gloves boxing match were not paid. The event took place on June 12th, and many boxers, including TikToker Bryce Hall, claimed to not have been paid.

Image via Social Gloves Entertainment
Image via Social Gloves Entertainment

Austin McBroom spoke in detail about rumors regarding Social Gloves Entertainment going bankrupt and about the fighters not being paid. He said:

“Two rumors going around the internet are - Social Gloves is going bankrupt which is cap, it’s false it’s not true. Everyone who was at the event knows that there were 20,000 people at the event. At the gate alone, we probably made $3- $4 million dollars. We’re not talking about pay-per-view numbers; we’re not talking about brand deals; we’re just talking about at the event. So Social Gloves is not bankrupt at all.”

In regard to fighters not being paid, the 29-year-old said:

“The second thing is that fighters did not get paid. Yes, fighters have not got paid yet, including myself.”

Austin McBroom admits that Social Gloves fighters have not been paid

Social Gloves Entertainment partnered up with LiveXLive, a digital media company that specializes in live entertainment. The company was responsible for live streaming the fights and collecting money, while Social Gloves had to organize the event and put together fights. Austin McBroom said:

“The reason why the fighters haven’t been paid yet is because LiveXLive has been holding on to all the funds. They haven’t paid Social Gloves one penny. And that’s why Social Gloves is suing LiveXLive.”

Social Gloves Entertainment and LiveXLive were supposed to be in a two-to-three-year deal. LiveXLive is also allegedly involved in five lawsuits and in debt of $50 million.

YouTuber Jake Paul spoke in detail about Social Gloves going bankrupt after not making enough pay per views. Austin McBroom stood in defense of Social Gloves, saying:

“Nobody knows how many pay per views we did. You got Logan Paul saying we got 100,000. Obviously, he’s going to throw dirt at me because he sees me as a threat. I’m not mad at him; it’s part of the game. The fighters will be paid before the next event. Social Gloves 2 is coming very soon. The next fight will be in 3-4 months.”

The YouTuber who won against TikToker Bryce Hall said that he would like to fight KSI next.

After Social Gloves was put in tough waters, Austin McBroom said he would like to donate a portion of the money they make from the lawsuit to a non-profit organization that would support fighter’s pay:

“There are a lot of fighters who get taken advantage of by big publicly trading companies like LiveXLive. I want to take a portion of the fighter’s money and give it to fighter’s pay."

Austin McBroom and the ACE Family are also rumored to be getting evicted from their mansion, but McBroom and his with Catherine Paiz have denied the rumors.

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