"He spent way too much money putting the event on": Jake Paul claims Austin McBroom's company has gone bankrupt

Jake Paul had previously taken to Twitter to call out Austin McBroomfor not paying his employees (Image via Getty Images)
Jake Paul had previously taken to Twitter to call out Austin McBroom for not paying his employees (Image via Getty Images)
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Austin McBroom has infamously taken over recent celebrity news, and Jake Paul seems to be adding fuel to the fire. During an interview, the latter spoke about the ACE family patriarch not paying Social Gloves employees.

Social Gloves Entertainment hosted the Battle of the Platforms: YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing match on June 12th. Several celebrities, including Vinnie Hacker, Taylor Holder, Ryan Johnston, Bryce Hall, etc., participated.

Rumor has it that Austin McBroom, the owner of Social Gloves Entertainment, has not paid the boxers, artists, and other employees since the event.

Jake Paul had previously taken to Twitter to call out the 29-year-old for not paying his employees. Since then, the YouTube star has actively spoken about the matter.

What did Jake Paul have to say about Austin McBroom?

The 24-year-old claimed that Austin McBroom would be going bankrupt after the match failed to make a profit. The company was to reach a target of 500,000 pay-per-view buys but only made 136,000 PPV sales.

Jake Paul said:

"They thought they were going to sell a certain amount of pay-per-views, and they didn't sell anywhere near that, and they spent way too much money putting the event on. So it probably has to bankrupt the company. It's harder to sell pay-per-views than people think."

The influencer added that the match tickets were sold at high prices, making it difficult for Social Gloves to generate revenue. Their target audience, which comprises youngsters, could not afford the tickets.

Jake Paul said:

"To come out and hit their first event ever and charge $60, with an audience that is very technically savvy — there was a ton of illegal streams happening for that fight, like hundreds and thousands of people watching it for free, because these are young 13-year-old kids who are gonna find it on the illegal website."

Several influencers, including Vinnie Hacker, Bryce Hall, Tana Mongeau, and Josh Richards, have spoken about the payment controversy.

Austin McBroom has openly spoken about the matter, saying that “every fighter, including myself, will be getting paid.”

The ACE Family mansion is also speculated to be under pre-foreclosure after Austin McBroom and his wife Catherine Paiz McBroom failed to make payments.

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