BTS announce concert in Seoul in March 2022, fans pray for a world tour

A still of BTS members (Image via bts_bighit/Twitter)
A still of BTS members (Image via bts_bighit/Twitter)

BTS has excited the ARMY back home. They have announced a concert in Seoul in 2022, where the ARMY from their home country can experience the band performing live after two long years.

The announcement, made via the band's official Twitter account, included a promo still from their Permission to Dance Onstage concert collection images and followed the same theme. The caption read:

"See you in Seoul, MARCH 22."

The announcement came on the last day of the band's first offline concert, which was held in Los Angeles, California.

Fans ask BTS when they will visit other countries

In reaction to the announcement, fans shared their excitement and love for the stars as well. Many fans from countries outside of Seoul hope that this concert will kickstart the boys' world tour.

Band members thrilled to perform in front of fans

Recently, at a press conference before their concert in the US, the band's leader RM said:

"The past two years with the pandemic weren’t really easy—not just for us, for everyone. But today we will try to show how much we’ve grown through these past two years.”

Taehyung aka V said of their North American concert:

"I’m thrilled we can finally have an in-person concert after two years of waiting. With the life we took for granted gone, the two years leading up to this point have been an extremely sad and difficult time for us, but I’m really looking forward to today’s concert and we put in a lot of practice for it. So now I’m full to the brim with excitement. I want to give ARMY and reporters happy vibes."

Suga then added:

"I was so excited, and even got nervous performing, thinking, Is this all a dream?"

Jungkook, the youngest member of band said:

"With so many people giving us love and rooting for us, we grew stronger, too. I’ll channel that energy into our performance today."
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