BTS Proof tracklist: Group brings back Born Singer, N.O, and more

BTS drop the tracklist for its upcoming album, Proof (Image via bts_bighit/Twitter)
BTS drop the tracklist for its upcoming album, Proof (Image via bts_bighit/Twitter)

On May 9, BIGHIT MUSIC dropped the BTS Proof tracklist for CD 1, and it shouldn't be a surprise that Born Singer is currently trending at No. 4 on Twitter's worldwide trends chart. The K-pop septet's upcoming Korean release will be an anthology album consisting of three CDs and three new songs.

The BTS Proof tracklist comprises all the group's title tracks from its debut till the upcoming album's title reveal. Born Singer, an adaptation of J. Cole's Born Sinner, holds a special place in ARMYs' hearts among all the songs.

Leader RM, SUGA, and J-hope re-wrote the lyrics to fit their lives. The song was raw and emotional and talked about the septet's aspirations and struggles of being ridiculed for wanting to become artists.

The tracklist for CD 1 has already set high expectations for ARMYs.

BTS Proof tracklist creates craze in fandom

The day for the band's comeback is nearing. BIGHIT MUSIC has treated fans to the BTS Proof tracklist for CD 1, and it has rightfully caused a frenzy.

The Grammy-nominated K-pop septet stayed true to their name of presenting fans with something entirely unexpected, and the tracklist is one of them.

Here are all the songs in Proof CD 1:

  • Born Singer
  • No More Dream
  • N.O
  • Boy in Luv
  • Danger
  • I Need U
  • RUN
  • FIRE
  • Blood, Sweat & Tears
  • Spring Day
  • DNA
  • Fake Love
  • IDOL
  • Boy with Luv (feat. Halsey)
  • ON
  • Dynamite
  • Life Goes On
  • Butter
  • Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)

Fan reactions to BTS Proof tracklist

ARMYs are ecstatic with the tracklist, as they never thought BTS would release Born Singer in an album. J. Cole's track heavily inspired the song, but considering the tracklist credits the original creators, it seems that the septet has cracked a deal with them.

The majority of the responses were emotional, as some fans pointed out that the anthology album would begin with Jungkook singing:

"I'm a born singer."

Meanwhile, fans even brought up a tweet from SUGA back in 2013. The rapper posted a photo of his handwritten lyrics for Born Singer.

Proof will "reflect the thoughts and ideas of the members on the past, present, and future of BTS." It will also mark the group's ninth debut anniversary and open a new era for the K-pop septet.

An anthology album is a great way to expose new fans to BTS' excellent discography. It will now be interesting to see which B-side, unreleased, or any other tracks the group has added to the remaining two CDs.

BTS will make a comeback with Proof on June 10 at 1.00 pm KST. Additionally, the group has a surprise planned for June 13, their debut date.

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