BTS' V and BLACKPINK Jennie's cat theory explained as viral pictures spark online debate

BTS' V and BLACKPINK's Jennie (Image via Newsen and GETTY Images)

BTS' V and BLACKPINK's Jennie have been coiled up in dating rumors, with several images of them surfacing online recently. Adding to the already heated debate, new pictures of BTS' V laying on Jennie's bed are creating a ruckus online.

In the latest pictures, Taehyung (BTS' V) is seen snuggling a cat. As per netizens, the cat and the bed in the picture both belong to BLACKPINK's Jennie.

V and Jennie rumored to have taken these pictures at the same place + rumored listening party

YG Entertainment, which manages BLACKPINK, and BIGHIT Entertainment, which houses BTS, have not released any official statements yet. This has caused fans and netizens to think otherwise. Moreover, the images have garnered mixed reactions online, with some believing them to be photoshopped.

Nothing is official at the moment. However, multiple theories related to the latest Taehyung and Jennie pictures are circulating online.

The veracity of the images is yet to be confirmed

taehyung lying and cuddling with jennie’s mum cat. tae seems really close with jennie’s family. I think taennie in serious rs and will married soon 🥹🫶🏻

The latest image of Taehyung snuggling a gray cat, which netizens believe is Jennie's, is raising many eyebrows among K-pop fans. Although Jennie does not have a cat, fans pointed out that her mother has one.

Apart from the cat, fans online paid attention to the bed headboard and the cushions, which are also featured in the image. Due to their research skills, many stated that they resemble the one owned by the Solo singer.

After Gurumi Haribo's tweets, images, and the latest pictures circulated online, fans have chimed in with their thoughts:

This has gone beyond the point of ridiculous now. Why won't their agencies take action??"
"At this point, just telling fans the truth is the one act of courtesy that both artists' labels can do."

Meanwhile, a BLINK (BLACKPINK fandom name) said that they do not recall Jennie having a cat. Even the picture of the cat looks fishy to them. Many BTS fans have also gathered evidence to prove that the pictures are photoshopped.

Images that were previously uploaded online were also considered photoshopped by many fans. Recently, the infamous @gurumiharibo on Twitter claimed that Jennie and BTS' V were spotted together on a holiday in Jeju Island. He uploaded a couple of images to support his statement.

Taehyung and Jennie’s photos from jeju island and y’all can’t tell me this is edited😭

Some K-pop fans on Twitter surrendered, and believed that the two K-pop idols were indeed dating. Some fans also believe that the idols' cloud storage has been hacked, resulting in their pictures surfacing online.

another problem, is that the cat is inconsistent. and does not look the same across all of these pictures. it has completely different markings between the picture of the sofa and the bed.

Nothing regarding V and Jennie's dating rumors has yet been confirmed. Fans and Knetz are waiting for the artists or the agencies to clarify the issue. The rumored couple was first linked after BTS' V accidentally followed and then unfollowed the BLACKPINK rapper.

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