CRAVITY’s sasaeng breaks into agency harassing members, agency takes strong action

CRAVITY at The Fact Music Awards 2021 (Image via Twitter/@CRAVITYstarship)
CRAVITY at The Fact Music Awards 2021 (Image via Twitter/@CRAVITYstarship)

Rookie boy group CRAVITY has had a shocking incident involving sasaeng (toxic, obsessive fans) recently. Their agency, Starship Entertainment, on October 3 KST issued a media statement revealing that police had apprehended a woman who broke into the building.

The statement showcases the agency’s quick response and strict actions that fans are applauding. The sasaeng had passed through fingerprint-locked doors behind a staff member and even made physical contact with one of the CRAVITY members.

Starship Entertainment takes strong action against a CRAVITY sasaeng trespassing into the agency

While older K-pop groups and idols are prone to have sasaengs around them making trouble, either calling or stalking them, it was the first time for rookie group CRAVITY to have been attacked by a sasaeng. It was at least the first time they were made public.

On October 3, Starship Entertainment revealed “an unpleasant incident” informing that a woman trespassed into the agency building and made physical contact with one of the members waiting near the elevator.

The statement also informed the manager was quick to respond and called the police. Police arrived soon after and told the woman to leave the premises. However, she did not comply and created a ruckus in front of the building, which was recorded on their CCTV cameras.

The agency has reported their behavior as “unauthorized intrusion and forcing unwanted physical contact” by providing CCTV footage both inside and outside the building.

They ended their statement with a stern warning:

“We strongly reiterate that it is absolutely forbidden to enter our agency building or the artists’ dorms. In cases like these, we will pursue strict punishment without lenience. The agency will do its best to protect its artists and ensure that an incident like this does not occur again. We ask that everyone actively cooperate in order to have safe meetings between artists and their fans.”

Meanwhile, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station announced that the woman broke into the agency building at around 3:00 PM KST. They have not yet booked her under any charges and are still investigating, according to News1.

Dealing with sasaeng fans who force themselves to have physical contact with the idols can be deemed as molestation. Such instances constantly bring up the negatives and struggles of being a K-pop idol.

In other news, K-pop group CRAVITY recently won the Global Hottest Award at The Fact Music Awards held on October 2, 2021.