“Despicable”: Jesus Ayala's attorney David Westbrook laughing during murdered retired police officer’s hearing sparks outrage

Jesus Ayala and David Westbrook (Image via Freedom on Fire/X)
Jesus Ayala and David Westbrook (Image via Freedom on Fire/X)

Jesus Ayala, 18, and Jzamir Keys, 16, the two teens charged with a hit-and-run that led to the death of a retired police chief, Andreas Probst, in Las Vegas, were seen deriding the victim's family in a recent court session to set their trial date.

The two teens, who are both being charged as adults were seen stifling laughter, and flipping off the victim’s family while waiting for the session to start on Tuesday, October 25. At a certain point, the teen’s public defender David Westbrook was also seen laughing alongside his client Jesus Ayala.

The video comes in the wake of the recently released body cam footage where Ayala was heard boasting to the police that he would be out of prison in 30 days as he was a juvenile at the time of the crime.

“I’ll be out in 30 days. Watch, I bet you.” Ayala said before adding, “It’s just f*****g hit-and-run, slap on the wrist.”

Ayala and Keys are accused of mowing down a 64-year-old retired police chief, Andreas Probst, with their car while he was on a morning bike ride on August 14, 2023. Keys reportedly filmed the disturbing video that showed the two laughing before intentionally hitting Probst. Shortly before hitting Probst, the teens are accused of hitting and injuring a 72-year-old cyclist.

On Tuesday, Jesus Ayala and Jzamir Keys were indicted on charges of murder, attempted murder, failing to stop at the scene of a crash, battery, residential burglary, grand larceny of a vehicle and possession of a stolen vehicle, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Netizens react as Jesus Ayala's attorney laughs during retired police chief, Andreas Probst's murder trial

The video showing the alleged teenage killers attorney laughing during the murdered retired police officer’s hearing has triggered a wave of criticism and prompted a social media user to comment, “Despicable. This is the state of the world, in a snapshot.” Meanwhile, another netizen slammed the teenagers and questioned, “How could you have such little value for a human life?”

Several others also criticized the public defender, who was seen laughing with his client.

"This is the most shameful thing today; he, being a lawyer, can laugh in the face of the suffering of the victim's family. It seems like he's been pocketing a fair amount of money for that smile. Can we put him in the same cell as that kid?"

The retired police chief’s widow and daughter, Crystal Probst, 60 and Taylor Probst 27, told reporters that they saw the teens' derisive behavior in court and felt that they were trying to intimidate the family.

“How can you sit there after taking a man’s life and act like such an entitled p****s?” Taylor Probst said after Tuesday’s hearing. "They really had no remorse, that this is just a game to them."

As Jesus Ayala, Jzamir Keys and their attorney continued to court criticism, a trial date was set for September 16, 2024.

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