Dexter Season 9 returns to Showtime as Michael C Hall smiles creepily; fans say they are already “way into it”

Dexter in the Season 9 return teaser (Image via Showtime)
Dexter in the Season 9 return teaser (Image via Showtime)
R A Karthik Prasad

Michael C. Hall is back as the fan-favorite serial killer in a new teaser released by Showtime for Dexter. The much-anticipated series is finally making a return with a grim, satisfying smile from Dex, and fans cannot seem to contain their excitement.

The previous teaser clip revealed the anti-hero in a mysterious snowy environment, confirming that the infamous butcher is still hiding from the authorities, as seen in the conclusion of the Season 8 finale.

The new video offers a bit more info and already shows the homicidal forensic expert returning to his basic instincts.

Dexter Season 9 teaser shows butcher back to being killer

In the new teaser, Dexter is in the same snowy forest as the scene pans out to show a fire pit and an ax on a chopped tree, as seen in the first clip. It slowly shows Dexter seeing through a window from a cabin, with the song “Please Don’t Let Me Misunderstood” by The Animals.

The mirror’s reflection confirms that the Butcher of Bay Harbor is back to his old routes as a victim can be seen constrained to an operating table. The scene ends with Dex’s gleeful appearance confirming the series’ release for this fall.

Fans who were emotionally invested in the series that aired 15 years ago on Showtime were thumped when they saw the new teaser. Excitement is going through the roof on Twitter.

The revival of Dexter Season 9 comes with a 10-episode limited series on Showtime. It is set ten years after the events that took place in the original show before its conclusion.

Clyde Phillips is returning as the showrunner for the mini-series finale. He also headed the first four seasons of the original show.

Season 9 features veteran actor Clancy Brown as the new antagonist facing off against the forensic expert butcher.

What happened to Dexter after Season 8 finale?

Dexter checking out his surgical knives (Image via Showtime Facebook)
Dexter checking out his surgical knives (Image via Showtime Facebook)

Fans of Dexter would remember seeing their favorite killer go incognito as a lumberjack and contemplating his horrific past crimes.

The ending had many long-time watchers utterly displeased with the conclusion.

Where to watch Dexter Season 9

So far, the series is only assured to be released on Showtime. The network is available in the US and can be accessed via cable TV or an app. However, it's likely that the show's growing popularity could push the network to sign a deal with other streaming partners.

When the series returns, it will show the character residing in upstate New York rather than his earlier location in Miami.

Hopefully, Mr. Morgan gets to put his expertise in blood spatters to good use in New York. Fans will soon find out when Dexter Season 9 returns this year.

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