"Essentially ambushed": Two officers shot dead while responding to Los Angeles stabbing incident

Two El Monte officers were gunned down in a motel shootout (image via Getty)
Two El Monte officers were gunned down in a motel shootout (image via Getty)

On Tuesday, 2 El Monte officers and their suspected killer were gunned down in a shootout in Greater Los Angeles, California. The officers had been responding to a domestic violence incident at a motel. Once there, they approached the suspect in one of the motel rooms, where he opened fire on them.

The two officers who had been shot were transported to the LAC-USC Medical Center, where they both died due to their gunshot wounds. The primary suspect also met his demise in the midst of the struggle.

At a Tuesday press conference, El Monte Mayor Jessica Ancona mourned the two officers. She said:

“They were acting as a first line of defense for our community members when they were essentially ambushed while trying to keep a family safe.”

The woman involved in the initial domestic violence investigation is currently being interviewed by detectives.

What happened in the Los Angeles Motel?

According to ABC, an initial report was made concerning a domestic dispute at a Los Angeles motel between a man and woman. At a press conference, police said that on the call made to 911, there had been claims that a stabbing had taken place.

Video of the shooting in El Monte Not My video Credit to SGV on InstagramBREAKING 2 El Monte Police officers have died after being shot in the line of duty. (1/2)

The officers arrived at the Los Angeles motel around 5 p.m., where they confronted the suspect. After the gunfight began, the suspect fled into the parking lot, where the exchange of bullets continued. According to the Los Angeles Times, the suspect was killed at the scene, and his gun was recovered.

While the names of the officers who perished have not been confirmed, the El Monte police department released a statement discussing the loss. As per the Denver Gazette, one of them was a veteran with two decades of experience, while the other was a rookie with less than a year on the force.

Thank you to all of my colleagues, friends and family who have texted, called, and messaged words of support.. my heart is broken as we lost 2 officers of our El Monte Police Department in a fatal shooting. Please join me in keeping our fallen heroes and families in prayer.

The statement said:

“There are no words to describe our grief and devastation by this senseless act as we learned about the passing of two of our police officers. It weights heavy on our hearts and we are sending our support to their families.”

It continued:

“We would also like to thank the El Monte community and our surrounding government agencies for the outpouring support we have received in the last few hours.”
What we know about El Monte police shooting:-2 El Monte Police Officers shot and killed in line of duty-They were responding a domestic violence stabbing call at the Siesta Inn Motel-Suspect was also shot & killed -One of the officers was raised in El Monte

The interim police chief of El Monte, Ben Lowry, lamented the death of the officers in the Los Angeles shootout.

He said:

“These two men were loved. They were good men. They paid the ultimate sacrifice, serving their community trying to help somebody.”

He added:

“Today, they were murdered by a coward and we are grieving and that hurts.”
I'm at the LAC USC Medical Center waiting to hear details on the two El Monte Police Officers who were killed in shooting.

Another suspect surrendered to police on Tuesday morning. This second suspect, whose role in the gunfight has not yet been confirmed, was staying at a homeless encampment in Van Nuys, California.

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