Fans can’t get over a major detail in ATEEZ’s ‘Don’t Stop’ concept photo

ATEEZ 'Don't Stop' concept photo (Image via @into__universe/Twitter)
ATEEZ 'Don't Stop' concept photo (Image via @into__universe/Twitter)

On January 24, ATEEZ surprised fans with its new special single, Don't Stop, created with the app UNIVERSE. The group announced the single's release with a stunning concept photo connecting its previous storyline and schedule.

The spotlight shone brightly on the concept photo, leaving fans speculating about the exact timing the members filmed for the song.

"Inception era?": Fans speculate ATEEZ’s UNIVERSE single ‘Don’t Stop’ filming era

Fans couldn’t seem to get enough of the clues hidden in ATEEZ’s concept photo for its UNIVERSE special single Don’t Stop. UNIVERSE, the fan-app platform, released a special music announcement with a schedule and a group concept photo, and fans are over the moon with the surprise. The eight-member group is currently in the middle of its world tour.

The members brought out their chic personalities as they posed surrounded by 90s TV monitors. The detail that took everyone’s attention was the member’s hairstyles and colors. Members sported their old hairstyles, such as San, Seonghwa, and Hongjoong with long hair, Yeosang with a mullet, and Jongho with red hair.

Regarding color and length, the members' styles have changed recently, making ATINYs (fandom name) conclude that the group prepared and filmed Don't Stop nearly two years ago, in 2020. Fans turned into detectives as they tried figuring out the exact duration.

After much digging around, they believe the men filmed for the song during the Inception era, when the group released Zero: Fever Part 1 in July 2020.

When will ATEEZ’s UNIVERSE special single ‘Don’t Stop’ release?

UNIVERSE also released a schedule for Don’t Stop with the nostalgic concept photo. On January 27, the group will release a concept film titled Be Free. Two days later, on January 29, the group will drop a music video teaser to raise more anticipation.

Meanwhile, the music video for Don’t Stop will be released on January 31.

In other news, ATEEZ's Don't Stop is a surprise as the group is currently in the USA for The Fellowship: Beginning of the End world tour. The group will perform in Dallas on January 27 and two days in Los Angeles, January 30 and 31.

Unfortunately, due to the rise of COVID cases, the group could only perform in the USA and had to cancel the tour's European leg. New dates for the same will be announced later.

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