Who is Fernando Sabag Montiel? Suspect identified in Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner's alleged assassination attempt

The assassin did such and such
Fernando Sabag Montiel allegedly had at least one Nazi symbol as a tattoo (images via Fernando Sabag Montiel)

On Thursday, Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was reportedly threatened by suspect Fernando Sabag Montiel in what many are describing as an assassination attempt.

The New York Post reported that the incident took place at Fernandez de Kirchner's home in Buenos Aires. Throngs of her followers gathered at her house to support her due to her current corruption trial.

Although the suspect allegedly pointed a gun at de Kirchner and threatened her, no shots were fired and the politician remained unarmed.

Police reported that the suspect was identified as 35-year-old Brazilian national Fernando Sabag Montiel. The weapon that was allegedly used in the crime, a bersa cal. 32 auto, was also discovered at the scene.

Fernando Sabag Montiel has a criminal record and was arrested in March 2021

Born in Sao Paolo on January 13, 1987, Fernando Sabag Montiel grew up in Buenos Aires after his family moved there in 1993.

In the wake of the attack, many Argentinian politicians offered theories on who Montiel was and why he supposedly attacked Fernandez de Kirchner.

Luiz Inaco Lula da Silva, a candidate in the next Brazilian election, speculated that Montiel was a member of the radical far right and said:

“Cristina is the victim of a criminal fascist who does not know how to respect differences. Thank God she escaped unharmed.”

Martin Tetaz, an Argentinian lawmaker, told local media that Montiel was most likely a mentally unhinged local gunman with no firm political motivations.

Tetaz said:

“This seems to be the clumsy action of an unbalanced person with no connection to politics."

Montiel's girlfriend, however, provided an entirely different account of the suspect to CNN. She said that he was a hardworking man who never showed signs of radicalism and noted:

"In all honesty, I was not aware of all this. [He] did not tell me any detail."

While little is known about Fernando Sabag Montiel, records show that he had a prior criminal record, having been arrested in Buenos Aires in March 2021. He was arrested for possession of a 35-centimeter long blade. Police also noted that at least one of his tattoos was a Nazi symbol.

According to the Pledge Times, he was pulled over in March 2021 after police noticed that his car had no rear plate. The officer who pulled him over reported that when Montiel attempted to get his car documentation, he dropped the long blade.

The Pledge Times reported that there has been a lot of speculation about Montiel's livelihood, with the most prominent theory being that he drives for a transport app.

Montiel has been charged with attempted murder, as officers believe that he attempted to shoot de Kirchner, but fled after his pistol failed to fire. He is currently under custody.

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