Former Viner Hayes Grier arrested for alleged robbery in North Carolina, leaves Twitter scandalized

Hayes Grier was allegedly arrested for robbery and assault (Image via Instagram)
Hayes Grier was allegedly arrested for robbery and assault (Image via Instagram)

Fans were recently shocked after police reports claimed that Hayes Grier had been arrested for robbery and assault in North Carolina.

21-year-old Benjamin Hayes Grier, better known only as Hayes Grier, is a former Viner and the younger brother of popular internet personality and former MAGCON member Nash Grier. With over 800k subscribers on YouTube, Hayes Grier has acquired quite the fanbase.

His latest YouTube post titled "Golf with the boys" was uploaded merely a week ago, showing him playing golf with friends.


Hayes Grier was accused of robbery and inflicting brain damage

On Saturday evening, an article from TMZ detailed Grier's arrest in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

According to police reports, Grier "beat the hell" out of the victim and then proceeded to steal his $1,200 cellphone.

A mugshot of Hayes Grier goes viral (Image via TMZ)
A mugshot of Hayes Grier goes viral (Image via TMZ)

The victim, a man named William Markolf, allegedly suffered brain damage after Grier assaulted him. Though details of his arrest have yet to be released, fans across the US are stumped by the news. Hayes Grier is allegedly facing multiple felony charges.

Twitter users stunned by this violent outburst

Considering Hayes Grier did not have a public history of violence, Twitter users were flabbergasted by the news that he gave a random man brain damage.

Moreover, many were shocked to hear of his arrest since he has been absent from social media for a while. Fans remember Hayes as Nash's younger brother, a kid who loves filming videos with his brother.

Meanwhile, one user commented about meeting Grier "years ago" but chose to forget about it "for some reason," implying that it was not a good experience.

Some even brought up being former fans of Hayes Grier when his popularity peaked with Vine.

The Grier family, including Nash Grier, have yet to respond to Hayes' arrest.

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