Dylan Mulvaney video sparks outrage online as fans speculate about her personal life 

Dylan Mulvaney expresses romantic interest in women in latest TikTok (Image via dylanmulvaney/Instagram)
Dylan Mulvaney expresses romantic interest in women in latest TikTok (Image via dylanmulvaney/Instagram)

Dylan Mulvaney became a topic of interest following her recent Bud Light controversy. A 2022 TikTok video of hers has raised eyebrows, where Mulvaney allegedly stated that she was romantically interested in women.

Dylan Mulvaney can be seen sitting in a car and sharing details about their personal life. She says:

"So I recently told my parents that I may be a little bit romantically interested in women and that was a big shock for them considering the past 10 years of coming out as gay, then queer, then non-binary, then trans. And I think it was just a little bit of a shock. So I tell my dad and he goes- "I would love to see you get a woman pregnant," and I said- "oh no no no no no, she’d be getting me pregnant."

At the time of writing this article, the video in question had amassed over six million views on Twitter alone.

Netizens react to viral Dylan Mulvaney romantic claim

Internet users do not seem supportive of the 26-year-old, and many have been criticizing the influencer online relentlessly.

A few reactions to the video read:

Who is Dylan Mulvaney?

Dylan Mulvaney gaines traction on social media during the pandemic. She posted several clips that revolved around a day in her life as a queer person.

Mulvaney came out as a trans woman last year. Her TikTok series 365 Days of Girlhood documented every day of her transition - which included her encounter with transphobia and other topics.

After amassing a sizeable following online, she went on to interview President Joe Biden, where they spoke about gender-affirmation surgeries.

As Dylan Mulvaney gained footing, she also became a brand ambassador for several organizations - including Kate Spade, Native, and Olaplex. Her most controversial collaboration is that with Bud Light.

The beer giant’s conservative customer base was livid after learning that Bud Light had collaborated with Mulvaney.


Mulvaney also garnered backlash for her Nike collaboration, which was released just after the Bud Light scandal.

In response to the relentless hate online, Mulvaney criticized trolls for dehumanizing her and being "cruel." She went on to say that she was going to ignore the critics and "trust the people" who know her and that her “heart won’t listen to that noise.”

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