"He's saying he owns me now": Danielle Cohn claims that her manager Michael Weist took all of her money and forged her signature

Danielle Cohn shares her experience working with Tana Mongeau's former manager (Image via Instagram/daniellecohn and themichaelweist)
Danielle Cohn shares her experience working with Tana Mongeau's former manager (Image via Instagram/daniellecohn and themichaelweist)
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Danielle Cohn recently uploaded a YouTube video accusing her manager, Michael Weist, of taking all of her money and forging her signature.

25-year-old Michael Weist is an American producer best known for being Tana Mongeau's former manager and being behind the collapse of the infamous TanaCon that was held in 2018.

TanaCon went down as one of the most disastrous fan meetups to this day, with a total of 20,000 fans waiting in 90 degree heat with no food or water for Tana Mongeau to arrive. Multiple people were hospitalized, eventually forcing Tana to issue a public apology, where she held her manager Michael Weist accountable.


Danielle Cohn slams her manager Michael Weist

Danielle Cohn took to YouTube on Sunday afternoon to post a video titled, Addressing the Hate + Full Truth!.


She answered multiple questions, as well as explained many things her fans were wondering about. Towards the end of the video, Danielle Cohn addressed her ongoing issues with her manager. Without disclosing his name, fans already knew who the alleged manager was.

To the surprise of many, including Tana Mongeau, Danielle Cohn and Michael Weist began working together in May 2021. However, according to Danielle, Michael had allegedly been dishonest with her regarding her contract and finances.

According to the 17-year-old, many fans wanted her to choose a real manager instead of having her mother in charge of her finances and contracts, only for it to turn out negatively. She said:

"People are like, 'Oh my God, your mom takes your money', but you know who takes my money? This manager that I work with that forged my name and he's saying that he owns me now."

She then called out her fans for pressuring her into getting a manager.

"Funny, huh? A manager. A freaking manager. So all you guys want to sit there and tell me that [I] shouldn't have my mom manage [my] acount because that's bad, but the one time I trust a manager, look what the f**k he does."

Danielle finally explained that despite her fans' concerns, she trusted her mother more than a stranger to handle her career.

"You want to know why I don't trust managers? Because your family and your blood is way better than some random motherf***er who's just gonna take my money. So for all of you saying that, that is why my mom is doing most of my brand deals. She's my mom, I know I can trust her."

Michael Weist has yet to respond to Danielle Cohn's accusations.

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