"Don't blame it on mental illness": Trisha Paytas drags Anna Campbell after the latter threatened to sue her

Trisha Paytas slams Anna Campbell on YouTube (Image via YouTube/blndsundoll4mj)
Trisha Paytas slams Anna Campbell on YouTube (Image via YouTube/blndsundoll4mj)

Trisha Paytas recently took to YouTube to discuss her thoughts on the allegations surrounding Anna Campbell.

YouTuber Anna Campbell, 28, was recently accused by her ex-girlfriends Natalia Taylor, Taylor Lynn, and Kaylee Jade of alleged physical assault, drug abuse, and more. On top of that, the three girls claimed that Anna had been inappropriately speaking with underage fans, and even grooming them, behind their backs.

They collaborated on a video titled, We are survivors, detailing the trauma they each endured while in a relationship with Anna.


Trisha Paytas calls out Anna Campbell

On Thursday afternoon, Trisha Paytas posted another episode of her Frenemies podcast spinoff, Enemies.

The third episode, titled, Keemstar, Faze Banks, Anna Campbell, Buzzfeed, centered around controversial topics that Trisha wanted to inform her fans about.


Towards the end of the show, Trisha Paytas began talking about Anna Campbell and the recent allegations surrounding her abusive behavior towards her ex-girlfriends as well as her alleged child-grooming.

Just a few days prior, Anna had left a comment on Trisha's YouTube video threatening the 33-year-old, warning her about the possible legal consequences she may face if she were to talk about her.

Anna Campbell subtly threatens Trisha Paytas with legal action (Image via YouTube)
Anna Campbell subtly threatens Trisha Paytas with legal action (Image via YouTube)

Trisha began by addressing why she wanted to bring up the topic in the first place. According to her, she wanted to bring to light an issue that not many YouTubers found popular enough to talk about. She said:

"Nobody is talking about it. I encourage people to talk about this. I'm shocked. First of all, she left me a comment on my vlog. I mentioned her briefly saying I was going to look into this because I saw so many people talking about Anna Campbell. To me, to a lot of people, it could just look like Anna had drama."

She then told her subscribers that she was "the wrong person to make slight threats to", implying that she would challenge Anna if sued.

"She leaves a comment. A threatening comment. I'm the wrong person you want to make these slight threats to. They aren't even slight, they're pretty serious threats, implying some pretty serious things."

Trisha Paytas then discussed Anna's child-grooming allegations, claiming that the latter had inappropriate conversations and interactions with her underage fans.

"What's really disturbing is that she has a group of fans that are underage that she has meetups with in hotel rooms, has private conversations, and talks about wanting to F them. These are real conversations."

Trisha stated that Anna did not deserve a platform, and even needed to be in jail.

"You groomed them. When they [started] to be a certain age you [became] sexual with them. That's creepy. I'll say it right now, no one has any business having private conversations and private meetups with underage fans. She's 26. How does she have a platform? How is she not in jail with James Charles and Austin Jones? Don't blame it on mental illness, you're sick in the head."

Anna Campbell has yet to respond to Trisha Paytas' statements regarding her abuse and child-grooming allegations.

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