“Horrific. It makes me so angry”: Video of Netherlands girl being slapped and forced on her knees by migrants leaves netizens enraged

Video of girl from Netherlands being berated by migrants leaves netizens outraged (Image via UltraDane/Twitter)
Video of girl from Netherlands being berated by migrants leaves netizens outraged (Image via UltraDane/Twitter)

A video of a woman from the Netherlands being humiliated by a group of migrant girls has gone viral across social media platforms. No context as to how the situation came into being was made available at the time of writing this article. However, the video has surely sparked concern among netizens. In reaction to the viral clip, one internet user wrote online:

The video was uploaded to Twitter by platform user @UltraDane who has reported on several happenings worldwide. She wrote in the tweet:

"ATTENTION NETHERLANDS Girl in Netherlands is slapped, humiliated, & forced on her knees and told to apologize by the racist migrant girls. This is unacceptable by any measure"

In the viral clip, the unidentified woman can be seen kneeling on the group looking terrified. One of the alleged perpetrators can be seen swinging her handbag towards the victim's face. Another person can be seen slapping the lady on the ground. It seems like the three bullies were demanding an apology from the victim.

What lead to the occurrence remained unknown at the time of writing this article.

The video had amassed 50K views and counting. Several people continued to retweet the clip and respond to it.

Netizens respond to viral Netherlands video

Internet users were outraged by the incident. Many could not believe that the woman was forced to get on her knees in the middle of the road. It remains unknown as to whether the victim received any help later on.

Several netizens got into a debate about race. Others were simply appalled to see the young woman tormented by the three bullies. A few reactions to the incident read:

It remains unclear as to whether any action has been taken against the women who are alleged to be migrants. At the time of writing this article, no local Netherlands news outlet had publicized the matter.

Recently, people of color took to the streets of Amsterdam to rally against racism and discrimination. The protest was organized by the March 21 Committee. Several people of different ethnic backgrounds chanted slogans against racism, Islamophobia, and discrimination. Not many cases of prejudicial behavior in the Netherlands make it to the news. The country has also been voted as one of the least racist countries in Europe by several news outlets.


It remains unclear as to whether the aforementioned incident was racially motivated. Netizens now await more information in regard to the matter.

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