How was Javonnta Murphy found? Police identify victim found dead on Malibu Lagoon beach 

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Murphy was an LA based recording artist (Image via Twitter/Facebook/Pool)

On Monday, July 31, 32-year-old Javonnta Murphy was found dead in a barrel on Malibu Lagoon Beach. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, they have neither identified the cause of his death nor the time he had been inside the barrel.

Officials recovered the barrel after receiving reports that it was floating around the beach. As it appeared suspicious, they brought it to shore and found the human remains inside. No suspects have been named in the incident.

Authorities are currently investigating the death of Javonnta Murphy as a homicide. They believe the victim may have been killed elsewhere before his remains were shoved into the barrel. Subsequently, the barrel may have floated to shore. No further details have been released about the incident.

Javonnta Murphy's remains were found inside a 55-gallon barrel

According to NBC, Los Angeles, a State Park maintenance worker first spotted the barrel containing Javonnta Murphy's body at 3 pm on Monday.

The worker said that using a kayak, they brought the barrel back to shore but left it unopened. They said there were no indications of a body inside, as there were no blood stains or any signs of violence. At night, a tide washed the barrel back into the ocean.

Authorities recovered the barrel at approximately 10.30 am on Malibu Lagoon State Beach. Authorities said that the 32-year-old victim was contained within a 55-gallon-drum and that they did not know where it came from.

Due to the graphic nature of the suspected homicide scene, authorities said that many Malibu beachgoers were completely shocked. Several noted that the case was highly unusual for the area.

One beachgoer, who chose to remain unidentified, said:

“It’s something that doesn’t happen very often at all here. It’s unthinkable.”

Lt. Hugo Raynaga said that while authorities do not know how long the barrel was floating in the ocean, it can't have been long, as the body showed no signs of deterioration. However, authorities noted that they had received calls about the barrel floating around in the water for at least two days. Authorities speculate that the high tide may have brought the barrel into the lagoon from the ocean.

As per CNN, since the case is in the early stages of investigation, authorities have little information about Javonnta Murphy. After LA Medical Examiners identified the body, they revealed he was a Los Angeles-based songwriter and aspiring recording artist. Based out of South Los Angeles, he reportedly posted several videos of himself rapping online.

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