How much did Jared Fogle make from Subway? Net worth and fortune explored 

(image submitted to Subway by Jared Fogle)
Fogle is currently incarcerated (image submitted to Subway by Jared Fogle)

In 2007, now 45-year-old Jared Fogle became a suspect of predatory behavior targeted towards children. While he is currently incarcerated, he was once known for his appearances in several Subway campaigns, promoting the supposed health benefits of the company.

Public interest in the former Subway spokesperson and convicted killer has re-emerged since the release of the new documentary, Jared from Subway: Catching a Monster, which premiered on Monday, March 6, 2023.

Trigger warning: The article has references to predatory behavior. Reader discretion is advised.


According to HITC, during his prime years working for Subway, Jared Fogle was estimated to be worth approximately $15 million. Once morbidly obese, Fogle claimed in advertisements that his Subway-oriented diet had helped him come down to a healthy weight.

Celebrity Net Worth noted that during his 16-year stint with the company, he received a salary of $2 million a year.

The decline of Jared Fogle's wealth

While Jared Fogle became well known around the nation for celebrating the benefits of Subway, as well as his well-publicized 'fight' against childhood obesity, his public image deteriorated after allegations of his predatory behavior came to light.

In 2007, he was first suspected of possessing illicit footage of children. Those allegations, however, were not well known, and he became a mainstay in popular culture. The spokesperson has appeared on WWE, as well as the Sharknado series.


USA Today reported that Fogle also started the Jared Foundation, an organization which claimed to fight childhood obesity. However, Charity Watch President Daniel Borochoff criticized the NGO, claiming that Fogle's charity was primarily aimed at bolstering his own self-image. USA Today noted that of the $73,000 the foundation spent a year, a large part of the costs went to paying its executive director.

In February 2012, the foundation dissolved after it was determined that it had not paid its annual $5 reporting fees.

As per documents released by prosecutors, after Fogle pleaded guilty to engaging in illicit activities with minors in 2015, he was ordered to pay $1.4 million in restitution. He was also fined $175000 and ordered to forfeit $50,000 in assets.

Fogle's lawyer, William Savage, noted on his official website that each of Fogle's 10 confirmed victims received $100,000 in restitution. The court stated that the money is intended for the victim's mental health counseling and medical care.

Commenting on the restitution, Fogle's attorney commented:

"Jared fully recognizes that such monetary contribution will not undo the harm he has caused. (He hopes that it aids) these individuals as they try to move forward with their lives."

On August 19, 2015, after Jared Fogle's divorce from his wife was finalized, he agreed to pay his ex-wife $7 million.

The legal costs, restitution, and divorce settlements undoubtedly hit the former star's net worth hard, but he remains wealthy. Celebrity Net Worth estimated that his net worth is still around $4 million.

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