"I gotta have a space where I can feel at ease and safe" — TikToker Justin Danger Nunley requests fans not to come uninvited to his house

Justin Danger Nunley requests his fans to not visit his place unannounced (Image via TikTok/@Justin Danger Nunley)
Justin Danger Nunley requests his fans to not visit his place unannounced (Image via TikTok/@Justin Danger Nunley)

Renowned TikTok personality Justin Danger Nunley, known for his engaging content and vibrant online presence, has reached out to his fans with a heartfelt request.

On May 20, 2024, in a three-minute-long video post on TikTok, Nunley requested his fans not to show up at his house unannounced. The content creator suggested he is welcoming and wishes to keep creating content. However, to continue doing so effectively, he said he needs a place where he feels "safe."

"I want to continue bringing content that brings you joy and laughter throughout your life but for me to do that I gotta have a space where I can feel at ease and safe," Justin Danger Nunley said.

Justin Nunley, known as Justin' Danger' Nunley, has become one of the most viral creators on TikTok over the years. He rose to prominence on the platform with his "listen" jokes videos, where he says listen and then tells a random fact. He now has over seven million followers on TikTok.

Justin Danger Nunley requests fans respect his private space

In a recent TikTok video titled "Can we have a talk?" Justin Danger Nunley sent a message to his fans, requesting that they refrain from visiting his home unannounced. Nunley began by suggesting that he did want to do this video, but he is addressing it due to an incident that happened last night at his place.

"Y'all, I didn't wanna do this video. I've talked myself out of doing this video in the past, and I say, well, it's never gonna happen again. And it inevitably happens again, and Tonight's the night that we address it. Let's talk about it real quick," he said.
"I don't want to put anybody off because I don't know where you're at in your life, if you're having struggles or if you're having a rough time. I don't wanna ever say no, I don't wanna ever say no, But I have to come to you and ask you, please don't come to my house uninvited. Please," he pleaded.

Justin Danger Nunley shared a recent incident in which he disclosed that an individual arrived unannounced while he was hosting a baseball team at his residence.

"Just tonight I was hosting a little league baseball team over here for the end-of-the-season party and someone showed up," Nunley revealed.

Nunley further suggested that he appreciated the support, but his home is the only place where he "recharges" and spends time with family. Also, he said, when somebody comes unannounced, it disturbs his "peace."

"I appreciate your support. You know, my home is the only place where I can come and recharge, spend time with family, and find peace anymore. And when somebody comes by that I don't even know, uninvited, it disrupts that space and disturbs my peace."

The viral TikTok content creator indicated that this is not the first time such an incident has occurred, noting that if it were, he would not be addressing it now. Nunley also revealed that, in most instances, he reports these intrusions to the local sheriff's office and continues with his activities.

Justin Danger Nunley suggested that there are many other ways to connect with him, as he usually informs his fans about his plans. Requesting his fans to keep the connection positive and respectful, he added,

"But it happens all the time. There's tons of ways for us to connect with each other right here on social media, public events. I usually tell you when I'm going somewhere, and I never turn anybody away that's coming up to me out in public. I may be in a hurry sometimes and say, yeah, we got to do it real quick, but can we please keep those connections positive and respectful?"

He concluded the video by saying that this request is made with "love" and "respect" for both the fans and the content creator.

"And I really hope that y'all can understand that. This request comes out of a place of love and respect both ways," he said.

Lastly, Justin Danger Nunley expressed his gratitude to his fans for their continued support and love.

Justin Danger Nunley gained popularity on TikTok with his funny videos. As per News Channel 7, Nunley revealed that he initially downloaded TikTok out of boredom. While scrolling the For You section, Nunley thought he could make better jokes, and soon, he started releasing his content on the platform.

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