"I love her": Jenna Elfman would love to work with The Walking Dead actress Melissa McBride

Jenna Elfman pictured with Keith Carradine (Picture sourced from Facebook)
Jenna Elfman pictured with Keith Carradine (Picture sourced from Facebook)

The Walking Dead is in its 11th and final season, with the iconic show's very last mid-season finale airing just moments ago. But fans of Zombie Gore need not fear, because the show's most popular spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, is scheduled to return on Sunday, April 17 only on AMC at 9.00 pm ET.

Jenna Elfman spoke to SK Pop ahead of the big return, and we asked her which member of The Walking Dead cast she would like to see on Fear. Without hesitation, June Dorie named Melissa McBride, who's played Carol Peletier on the show from the very first season:

"I don't know about how it would work with coming on to Fear on just another show in general, because we've already had a couple of crossovers, but I would love to work with Melissa. So much. I think it would just be...like I love her and she and I get along really well, that's just like a little fantasy I have because I just think it would be a deeply satisfying time acting with her."

With only eight episodes to go until the conclusion, it will be interesting to see what role Melissa McBride as Peletier plays in the Commonwealth story. All we know for now is that she is confirmed to be a part of the Daryl and Carol spinoff with Norman Reedus.

There have been several crossovers between The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead

Previously, we've seen Morgan (Lennie James) come over from the other show and assume the mantle of leadership in the spinoff. Since then, Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista) have also followed suit and are integral characters in Fear the Walking Dead. Seeing Melissa McBride and Jenna Elfman on the same show is therefore not outside the realm of possibility.

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