“I am relieved”: Former Scientologist Leah Remini shares her statement about Danny Masterson’s sentencing 

Leah Remini
Leah Remini's comments explored as she bashed the Church of Scientology and Danny Masterson in her Twitter post. (Image via Getty Images)

After Church of Scientology member Danny Masterson got 30 years to life in prison for r*ping two women, former Scientologist Leah Remini praised the decision of the judges and claimed that she is “relieved” to hear his sentence.

Posting her thoughts on Twitter, Leah Remini said:

“I am relieved that this dangerous r*pist will be off the streets and unable to violently assault and r*pe women with the help of Scientology, a multi-billion-dollar criminal organization with tax-exempt status.”

Remini also spoke about the women who “faced the living hell of being r*ped,” and ultimately thanked LAPD detectives, the LA District Attorney, and the judges involved in taking the crucial step. At the same time, she also bashed the Church of Scientology, stating that they are helping Danny in covering up his crimes.

However, his is not the first time that Leah Remini has bashed the Church. She left the Church after for 30 years in July 2013 and later filed a case against the leader as well.

“Church policy explicitly demands Scientologists abide by all laws of the land”: Church of Scientology responds to Leah Remini’s accusations

As Leah Remini made accusations against the Church of Scientology, the Church’s representatives told DailyMail:

“The Church has no policy prohibiting or discouraging members from reporting criminal conduct of anyone - Scientologists or not - to law enforcement. Quite the opposite, Church policy explicitly demands Scientologists abide by all laws of the land. All allegations to the contrary are totally FALSE.”

The Church also claimed that there is no “scintilla of evidence supporting the scandalous allegations.”

"The Church was not a party to this case and religion did not belong in this proceeding as Supreme Court precedent has maintained for centuries."

Furthermore, Leah Remini’s accusations about the Church protecting Danny Masterson come just a month after she filed a lawsuit against the church’s leader, David Miscavige, accusing him of “harassment, surveillance and defamation.” Furthermore, at the time of her exit, she explained why she was departing from the church.

"No one is going to tell me how I need to think, no one is going to tell me who I can, and cannot, talk to."

Masterson was originally arrested in 2020. His trials started off in 2022, but they were declared a mistrial after the jury was not able to reach a common and unanimous decision. However, after the mistrial, the jury then found him guilty on two grounds.

He was then given 15 years to life in prison for both counts, making it 30 years in prison to life. At the moment, Danny Masterson’s representatives or the attorney has not spoken up on the decision for him to be imprisoned for 30 years. However, the decision has sparked a heated debate on social media, as many are praising the decision of the jury, while others are raising questions about it.

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