"I see two hateful grifters": Brooklyn couple Kelly Ann and Noah Schaffer sparks backlash for allegedly tearing down posters of Israeli child hostages

Brooklyn couple comes under fire for reportedly ripping posters of Israeli child hostages (Image via X/@StopAntisemites)
Brooklyn couple comes under fire for reportedly ripping posters of Israeli child hostages (Image via X/@StopAntisemites)

Kelly Ann and Noah Schaffer, a couple from Brooklyn began facing massive backlash online after a video featuring them went viral. On October 22, Stop Antisemitism posted a clip of a Jewish woman confronting Kelly and Noah for reportedly tearing down posters of Israeli kids who had reportedly been kidnapped by Hamas, which were put up all over a plethora of states.

Netizens were disgusted at the couple's behavior and supported the woman for calling them out. They took to the comments section of Stop Antisemitism's viral X post to share their views about the video.

X users were outraged by the video (Image via X/@TheCapnJoe)
X users were outraged by the video (Image via X/@TheCapnJoe)

"They disgust me" - Netizens react to the video featuring Kelly Ann and Noah Schaffer

On Sunday, Stop Antisemitism posted a video on social media that featured a woman confronting a couple in Brooklyn. According to the post, the Jewish woman confronted the couple as they had allegedly torn and taken down posters of missing Israeli kids, who had allegedly been kidnapped by Hamas during the ongoing conflict.

The couple was later identified as Kelly Ann and Noah Schaffer.

Disclaimer: The videos in this article contain abusive language. Viewers' discretion is advised.

The woman confronting the duo was heard shouting at the couple as she snatched the ripped poster from Kelly Ann's hand and said:

"This is mine, I paid money for this and you're not gonna f**king do it! I'm a citizen here and this is American citizens."

She added:

"You're not going to do it. Get out of here! This is American citizens that got kidnapped. You f**king b***h! Get the f**k out of here."

Kelly Ann appeared to be talking to her husband when the woman approached her and snatched the poster, which left her stunned. Her husband, Noah Schaffer laughed and tried to block the woman's camera before walking away with his wife and telling the woman that she did not have their consent to record.

Netizens were outraged by the couple's alleged behavior and praised the woman who called them out. Netizens also spoke about antisemitism allegedly being on the rise in the country.

Stop Antisemitism's post blew up across social media platforms, and netizens managed to figure out the identity of the couple in the clip. The viral post has over 3.3 million views on X, as of this writing.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Noah Schaffer, an Iowa native and University of Iowa Psychology graduate, worked at Human Factors International as an Executive User Experience Strategist.

Noah's wife Kelly Ann, also known as Kelly Schaffer worked as a teacher for a New York-based after-school program for the youth, named Urban Dove. Stop Antisemitism further revealed that Kelly had been arrested in 2021 among 14 others for an anti-ICE demonstration at the Bergen County Jail. Kelly Ann, 34 at the time, was reportedly protesting the deportation of Marvin Jerezano Peña.

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