"If you felt like that, there's nothing I can do": BTS' Jungkook finally addresses people questioning his choice to have an explicit version of Seven

Featuring Jungkook of BTS for DAZED magazine Autumn 2023 issue. (Image via DAZED)
Jungkook of BTS for the DAZED magazine Autumn 2023 issue. (Image via Twitter/ @btspicstwt_)

BTS' Jungkook has been making headlines even before his solo single Seven was released on July 14, 2023. On September 12, 2023, the British lifestyle magazine, Dazed, published the 'Jungkook for DAZED Autumn 2023' issue, and sat down for a conversation with the powerhouse of BTS, speaking to him about his ambitions, his persona both on and off stage, his equation with the BTS ARMY, and Seven.

In the latest issue of the British lifestyle magazine, published on September 12, 2023, the idol spoke about the explicit version of the latest solo English single Seven.

Jungkook for DAZED Autumn 2023. (Image via Twitter/ @btspicstwt_)
Jungkook for DAZED Autumn 2023. (Image via Twitter/ @btspicstwt_)

He explained why it is not just an 'explicit version' but his declaration to the world that he is a 26-year-old South Korean artist, who is no longer a kid.

"Pretend that people like that. And I only follow that. What is something that I can change? Myself, it’s my life. I need to change. I need to tell people who love me, 'I am like this.' I’m not forcing anyone. I always look for something new. I want to make that new thing fun. And I want to be accepted by Army at the same time," he said.

He continued:

"If you felt [it] like that, there’s nothing I can do. And if you think about it, how old am I?"

Since the release of his debut single, netizens have been divided about the need for an explicit version of the song. Many fans were unable to wrap their heads around the singer's decision regarding it and wished for him to continue with his baby-like charm.

Jungkook for DAZED Autumn 2023. (Image via Twitter/ @btspicstwt_)
Jungkook for DAZED Autumn 2023. (Image via Twitter/ @btspicstwt_)

"I like extreme things": Jungkook speaks about his goals and the music he wants to explore as a soloist

The year 2023 has been quite eventful for the idol. Jeon Jungkook of BTS fell asleep during a Weverse live in June 2023, while 6 million fans watched him sleep for 45 minutes. While his two dozen Weverse lives this year kept his fans on their toes, his choice to go off the grid and take a break from Instagram and join TikTok out of the blue left them astounded.

BTS' Jungkook's interview with Dazed was published on September 12, 2023, and it sent the internet into a frenzy. The idol has chosen his path as a solo artist and told the British magazine that he wants to be seen as a strong, sharp, and powerful person. The Still With You singer mentioned that it was his irrefutable intuition that made him pick Seven and make his official debut as a solo artist.

"I like extreme things. People always tell me I look round and soft. I want this sharp, powerful image. I trusted my gut [with my debut single] and thought, ‘Will I be able to reach the audience, and a lot of them?’ And I sort of proved that I could," he disclosed.
Jungkook for DAZED Autumn 2023. (Image via Twitter/ @btspicstwt_)
Jungkook for DAZED Autumn 2023. (Image via Twitter/ @btspicstwt_)

He made it a point to explain that his debut single Seven isn't an act of rebellion to break free from the 'baby-ish' and 'bunny-ish' image that fans created of him when he was 15. Jungkook asserted the fact that he is a 26-year-old man who cannot remain the same in order to be true to himself and his craft, for which he has worked for more than a decade.

The youngest member of BTS articulated his emotions and intentions for his future, and it is now evident that Seven is a direct reflection of the person he currently is: someone who has immense vocal range and isn't afraid to take on challenges.

"It was important for me to show how much I’ve grown as a solo artist through taking on new challenges, rather than staying in my comfort zone or settling for the things that I was used to. I wanted to fully explain that to my fans," Jungkook explained.

For the cover shoot of the British lifestyle magazine, Dazed, the BTS member showed up shirtless with a black leather jacket of his choice. The publication mentioned that this was never a part of their photoshoot board and stated that it was the idol who decided to go for the look.

"It’s not a complicated relationship" - Jungkook sheds light on his bond with the ARMY

Jungkook's interview with Dazed was a transparent representation of the immense transformation that the Korean soloist has gone through in the last decade. Nevertheless, his feelings and gratitude towards the beloved ARMY remain unshakeable and solid.

Jungkook for DAZED Autumn 2023. (Image via Twitter/ @JJK_Times)
Jungkook for DAZED Autumn 2023. (Image via Twitter/ @JJK_Times)

Jungkook continued by saying that he wanted to communicate with his followers in the same manner he would with his closest friends and that it was up to him whether or not to accept all of their wishes.

"It’s not a complicated relationship. I talk to them freely and they can talk to me freely, and it’s my choice to listen to them or not. If they say something inappropriate, it’s also my choice, my freedom, to take that in and accept it or to ignore it," he stated.

The 26-year-old South Korean singer from the famous boy group BTS, is the perfect example of the phrase "more than meets the eye." With a solo album on its heels, the Korean soloist aims to make more heart-pounding music while he works to build a new persona for himself, apart from the internationally renowned group that he is part of.

He mentioned in the viral interview that he has resolved to be as neutral as the color white and paint himself in any hue he wishes.

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